Wednesday 16 December 2009

Festive Fun

well... tomorrow i am getting the boat to Lancaster then driving to Coventry to drop of presents at my sisters house, i'm staying overnight in Coventry then the next day i'm driving down to Dover, catching the train across to Calais, then driving across to Belgium, staying the night in Calais before returning to the UK and to Coventry the next day. then a few more days in Coventry before a trip to Birmingham, back to Coventry then back to Lancaster to catch the boat home...

so yeah... busy few days ahead of me!!!

on a lighter less stressful note... my latest Festive themed illustration is being featured on the front page of the 'Holiday Gallery', scroll down throught the thumbnails it's number 18 on the list! here's the link -

and here's a screencap showing it on the front page (proud moment alert!!)

so now all i have left to say is... Merry Christmas!
lots o' luv from Jade xxxxxx

Tuesday 1 December 2009

vampires and video games

sooooo i got back from London town about 2 weeks ago (i know i'm terrible at blogging!) it was super duper. anyway, today i stayed at home due to another ruddy cold so i spent the day reading stuff and playing this addictive little 'unblock me' game on my ipod touch, oh and i decided to edit a load of photos to make family/friends/myself etc look like Volturi-esque vampires (i just re-read Breaking Dawn for the umpteenth time) and after watching New Moon the other night i am now totally Team Volturi, i know they're 'evil' but they're just so damn cool! especially Aro, oh heck, i'm Team Aro as well!

anyway... here is a little photo of me... vampire style!
happy December 1st btw, hope you all opened your advent calendars!

Volturi Vampire times!

Thursday 12 November 2009

London Calling... take 2

ok so i had quite possibly the BEST work assessment i've ever had yesterday! last week i recorded a hilarious interview on Manx Radio (one of our National Radio Stations) about the charity fashion show. and the actual show was utterly AMAZING btw! and as if this wasn't all super duper enough, i'm jetting off to London town on monday with 30 of my Art/Media buddies for a 4 day art/shopping/fun extravaganza! good times indeed. just thought i'd post this picture, it's an illustration of the 3 re-invented outfits i made for the fashion show.
lots o' luv to you all xxxxxx

Thursday 8 October 2009

Happiness is...

Just thought i'd post this in the hope that you'll all take a second to vote for my entry in the Happiness This Way online art competition. I'm number 19 on the list (Jade Boylan) on the right hand side of the page, please vote for me! follow the link here to vote

and check out the official poster for the competition (mine is the little liquorice allsorts sweetie thumbnail!)

and i will actually ♥ you FOREVER!!!

L2a :-D x

Tuesday 29 September 2009

College times :-D

Well... i'm in my 3rd week back at College now, it's fun to be back with all my friends as well as getting the chance to make new ones (there are lots of new students) but it's kind of odd being a second year, apparently i'm supposed to be a lot older and wiser etc, but i just feel like a boring old growny up!
on the plus side, i have been doing a LOT of work including some groovy ceramics, textiles and printmaking as well as fashion illustration and looooads of Art History.
and i just found out that 4 of my pictures have been chosen for the annual 'Haunted House' display site on which is pretty cool. ok so loads of other people got stuff on the site as well but i'm still pretty chuffed about my 4 pictures! here is a screen cap of the site showing my 'Killer Zombie Heels' on the front page (it's picture number 20 at the mo!)

feel free to check out the rest of my portfolio as well, it's full of all my quirky little illustrations

peace out dudes and dudettes :-D x

Thursday 3 September 2009

rainy days and gloomy nights

Well the days grown colder and the imminent return to College becomes more annoying, yes the Summer is over at last (at least it is on the Isle of Man) at least it's cold and gloomy enough for me to prance around in my lovely winter coat! oh and I'm still struggling to do any (much needed) logbook work, i have however been drawing away like a trooper here are four of my latest 'Girls'
as per usual, i've been watching a lot of movies, Kill Bill has obviously inspired me (see Beatrix Kiddo and Gogo Yubari in the top pic) that and my regular doses of 'True Blood' (oh i just can't get enough!) the girl on the far right of the bottom pic is my 'Fangtasia Girl' (inspired by the Vampire club in True Blood and the Sookie Stackhouse novels by Charlaine Harris). i'm a little bit low at the moment though, almost all of my friends are shooting off to University over the next few weeks, i feel ridiculously left out and very alone right now. i've hardly anything else to do but wander around the house drawing and watching movies, or visiting the local museum... and wandering round there as well. hhhmmm i really need to get out more!
lots o' luv dudes and dudettes :-D x

ps-how super excited am i for the new Mika album??? you guessed it... absoflippinglutelycompletelyandutterlyridiculouslyexcitipated!!! :-)

Sunday 9 August 2009

Summer Holidays

So... it's the summer, hurrah and all that! ok so Summer isn't my fave season (Winter, if you were wondering) but i'm still having a pretty fabulous time. There's been sunshine and rain, good days and bad. I spend basically all of my time indoors, drawing, reading, watching old movies or... watching my new obsessions... 'True Blood' and 'Moonlight' yes, i've become a little (tiny bit) obsessed with them! they are my two new favourite shows, and yes they both involve Vampires. it's also true that i do spend an indecent amount of time sat watching episodes on my laptop when i could be drawing, but i have actually been drawing lots as well thank you very much! here's a screenshot from my album on

just a few of my more recent pix :-) 
Then again i have also been very, very bad! in the sense that i have failed to do any work this summer for College! and trust me, i was given a whole heap to be getting on with. But every time i sit down to do some logbook work, there are just so many other things that seem more important for me to be doing... like watching True Blood! lots o' luv :-D x

Saturday 18 July 2009

Hola, Bonjour, Hello...

after a blissfully secluded week in Andorra (attempting to speak Spanish) I spent two days travelling back through France (attempting to speak French), a few hours in Belgium (not attempting to speak Flemish). Then after another day's travel over the Channel tunnel and up the motorways I'm now back in Coventry in the UK (happy to speak English!) for a few days then home to the Isle of Man. I've had a lovely trip, and can't deny that I do love my annual visit to Andorra, I only wish I could come here more often. The house we stay in is situated in an extremely isolated place, but it's always most enjoyable all the same. It seems that being stuck halfway up a mountain without a television, telephone or any internet access is surprisingly gratifying, and with little else to do all day but read, watch movies on my laptop and draw things, my creative energies have also been gratuitously rewarded. I've got about eighteen new illustrations (I will try to upload them as soon as I return to the I.O.M depending on what time I get back) and a notebook full of other ideas for drawings, to pursue at my leisure. I'll probably update my blog when I get home but for now I will bid my hearty farewell, leaving you with this. A snap of my new favourite toy! An utterly adorable and amazing little purchase from my favourite Andorran shop (La Bauhaus: sells anything and everything to do with art, design, illustration, graphics, architecture and all the random things you could ever desire)

it is a wind up robot (hence the plastic to wind it with) but the best part is that it is also a pencil sharpener and sharpening a pencil also winds up the robot! A piece of utter genius design I think you'll agree! Au revoir, a bientot :-D x

ps for a few more shots of my trip to Andorra, add me on Facebook and check out my album here

Saturday 4 July 2009

well, well, well...

It hardly seems possible but it's true, i've finished my first year of the National Diploma in Art and Design at College. It has literally flown by and now I find myself faced with a seemingly endless summer (good times). On Monday i'll start my (lengthy) journey driving down through England and France to Andorra. So this means that sadly I won't be able to make any updates due to the total lack of internet access at the house in Andorra, but it also means that I will have lots of time to draw, so should come back with loads of new pictures! We were also given our College Summer projects, we can do the on basically whatever we want, so thus far, mine pretty much consistes of Fashion illustration and Graphic design. Anyway, i'd best go, lots to pack etc. lots o' luv :-D x

ps: please check out my Facebook Fan Page here (now finally up and running) and why not take a look at my latest attempt at a website here, it isn't anywhere near finished, but it's a start! my friend Kyren has kindly set up my own wordpress site, but I haven't really had time to work out how to use it yet! when i do, i'll post a link :-D x

Thursday 11 June 2009

Mika Madness and London Calling

so... i had a lovely birthday, lots of lovely prezzies (including a heavenly ChloĆ© Paddington handbag!) but the highlight for me had to be going to see Mika in London on Monday! it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! that really is the only word that can describe it! whether you are a fan of his music or not, no-one could deny just how good a show it was! mountains of glitter covered the stage and Mika entertained the crowd with his brilliant new songs (which are now permanently stuck in my head!) it also can't be denied that the boy has style, especially since he was wearing a pair of bespoke mens shoes by the shoe god (and my own personal idol) Christian Louboutin!
check out this shot of the crowd before the gig eagerly awaiting his arrival! 

the trip to and from london on the train was fun as well (my older sister came with so... good times) but now it is sadly my last night in Coventry, i have been quite good this time, spending my days out shopping or with my family, but spending my evenings doing lots of illustrations for my Hospital Art project. anyway, i'd better go, i'm watching Ghostbusters 2 with my darling little nieces, au revoir mes amies :-D x  ps: i also have a brand new online Portfolio (that's right... another one!) check it out here byeeee x  

Monday 25 May 2009

Sweeties, Fairies and Birthday's

It’s the start of the last two weeks of this current term, which means I have only two weeks to try and get EVERYTHING finished! Right now this seems like a totally unachievable task but hey, I always love a challenge! nah. But jokes aside, I am once again starting to feel the little panic pixies settling around me! In fact, the only project that is nearing possible completion is my Hospital Art project, purely because it consists entirely of my illustrations of sweeties and fairies. The rest of the projects… well right now I feel that there is little or no chance of completion! However on a slightly lighter note, it’s my 18th Birthday next Sunday (the 31st) and the Bday cards have started to arrive! + I just bought myself a snazzy new mobile phone, and i have a brand new online portfolio (that's right, yet another one!) check it out here. so i guess there are some good times as well as the bad. oh well, onwards and upwards! L2a :-D x

Saturday 16 May 2009

killer zombie heels and krazy keyrings

i've had to stay in aaaaallll day today. but instead of feeling sorry for myself, i have embraced my lazy saturday in and have created a few new pieces of work. firstly there is the drawing of the utterly amazing 'zombie heels' by Iron Fist. 

i see them in town every week and am inexplicably fascinated by these crazy shoes! see the real thing here. next came the cute little keyrings that i have been dying to make all week. i bought the clear empty keyrings on tuesday and have been trying to think of things to put in them. it took me a while to draw the pix sooo small but i managed to finish them in the end. :-D

lots o' love :-D xxx

Sunday 10 May 2009

helter skeltering

Only a few weeks of this term left now and the pressure is really starting to pile on. I have now decided to design a ‘Manx’ (as in the nationality of the Isle of Man) mural of my own illustrations for the Hospital art comp. I can’t go into it too much (it is classified info lol) but hopefully it will be an improvement on my other ideas. The yearbook isn’t going very well, or rather it isn’t ‘going’ at all as the class can’t stop arguing about it. I’ve given up and am doing a few illustrations for it instead. The landscape paintings/sketches are ok, I’m starting to enjoy it a bit more now, I wish the same could be said for the Douglas art comp, struggling a LOT with that one. Anyway, just an update on my rapidly spiralling out of control life. i fell like i'm on a crap helter skelter! oh well, Lots o’ luv x :-D

ps: i don't really feel like doing any college homework, i think i'll go do a few new illustrations instead :-D

Sunday 3 May 2009

live projects

So, 2 weeks in and once again I’m beginning to struggle! This term we have been given a series of ‘live projects’ to work on. These include a competition to design a pice of artwork for the local hospital, a competition to paint a scene of Douglas (the island's capital) to hang in the local museum, a competition in which we produce a body of work (watercolours and sketches) of local landscapes as well as making the yearbook for the College Art dept leavers. The only reason I am struggling is because I have so many ideas swirling around my head I don’t know where to start. So in true ‘me’ style I have spent this weekend drawing things, things that have absolutely nothing to do with my college work :-D it’s a bank holiday weekend as well  which means I will undoubtedly spend the rest of today drawing things! Blissful indeed :-)
Here’s the first finished drawing of today. 'link' Enjoy… L2a xxx :-D

Saturday 25 April 2009

Ruby and Jeff :-D

first week back at college, good times. had my assessment and exhibition on wednesday, BAD TIMES!!! well, it wasn't too bad in the end. in fact, it went rather well! i ended up getting 5 merits and 2 distinctions for all my finished work. i uploaded a few new illustrations to my online portfolios, except i have 2 of them now, see the first one here and the other one here.
and the best news is that i fiiiinally managed to finish my children's picture book, and i'm quite pleased with the final look of the book. it took me absolutely aaaages to make all the pages and the binding, but i think it was worth it :-D

here are a few shots of the finished item (you're lucky to see it, it's the only one of it's kind in the world!)

Saturday 18 April 2009

Scanner's ahoy!

I have barely been off my laptop today! after literal years of a 'scannerless' existance i FINALLY have one! and i didn't even need to buy it! i fixed my dad's old one (well, it's about 9 months old!) which i was previously 'forbidden' from using. so i have spent the day scanning in practically ALL of my illustrations which previously i had only managed to get onto my laptop by photographing them and editing them on paint (seriously!!!) so you'll understand why i'm soooo happy to be able to just scan them in and be done with it! :-D
so here is one of the finished Burlesque 'girls' scanned in, with perfect colour (no stupid camera screw-ups!) 

oh and btw, you can check out the rest of the 'girl' illustrations here at my new carbonmade account HERE :-D x  

Friday 10 April 2009

well it's the Easter hols and I am spending a week in St Helier in Jersey. i only arrived yesterday and within about 1 hour i wanted to leave town to rush back to my hotel and draw!!! everywhere i look i get inspiration for dozens of drawings!!! it's brilliant! especially yesterday afternoon, i walked into 'de Gruchy's' (one of Jersey's fabulous unique department stores) and was practically squealing at the sight of some of the DELICIOUS shoes they had on display! i very nearly bought the whole lot of them just so i could draw them!!! i have been quite busy with other stuff so thus far i've only managed to draw this pair! 

they weren't my absolute favourites but i remembered them very clearly for some reason! anyway i'm sure i'll be posting a few more new pix soon :-D l2a xxx

Tuesday 7 April 2009

Burlesque girls

haha such a random title! i shall explain! i drew a few new fashion 'girly' illustrations yesterday. but for some (unknown!) reason they all ended up as Burlesque girls! it may have something to do with the fact that one of my friends is throwing a 'Burlesque' themed party on the 28th April! well at least i hope that's what's inspired me! :-D anyways, i uploaded the first 2 to my online portfolio they're in the 'Girls' section, i'm still finishing the rest. here's one of the unfinished ones.

I'm also busy packing stuff for my trip to Jersey. i leave tomorrow night for a week, so hopefully i should come back with a few more 'Jersey' inspired illustrations! L2a xxx :-D

Sunday 5 April 2009

Lazy Sunday afternoon

had a great Sunday! spent the morning watching the amazing Malaysian Grand Prix (what a brilliant race!) then decided to upload a few pages of my children's picture book to my online portfolio. currently listening to Metro Station and Ladyhawke (just bought both albums) but am feeling a tad hungry, should probably go  and get something to eat! L2a x :-D

here is the fifth page of my book. just as a little taster! :-D

Saturday 4 April 2009

Easter break :-D

well it's half-term at last! :-) the term ended on quite a good note. firstly i managed to finish my children's picture book! i'm so happy that it's finally done! now all i need to do is bind it together! :-) hopefully i'll be able to post a few pages from the book soon either here or on my Deviant Art profile. which reminds me! i have a new online portfolio at it doesn't have as much on it as the Deviant Art one but i quite like the simpleness of it! I've happily spent the entire first day of the holiday lazing about the house! i've mounted a few pieces of work ready for the exhibition when i go back to college but apart from that... aaah blissful. lots o' luv x :-D

Wednesday 1 April 2009

Countdown to the Easter break

well what was only one full week (to go before i break-up for Easter) has suddenly (and scarily) become only 2 days! and i am now panicking even more!, ok so i have got some things finished; my teapot, money box and pot are all done for my ceramics class, my 'rave' themed photo shoot went AMAZINGLY well! i even got to shoot it at a nightclub ;-D, i also made a 'bin-bag ball-gown' for a 'wearable art' fashion show in my Textiles class as well as all the jewellery to go with the rest of the classes outfits for the show, i am designing and illustrating a 'cancer awareness' poster in my Graphics class, i successfully finished BOTH of my handmade spoons for 3D (check out the rainbow beaded spoons on my Deviant art profile asap) however it's not all good news as i STILL haven't finished all the pages for my children's book!!!! aggghhhh i am seriously panicking about that like a loon! guess i'm gonna have to grovel and beg my teachers for some understanding! oh well, wish me luck! l2a xxx :-D

Wednesday 11 March 2009

back to college!

well i'm back at college now! slightly sad not being able to lie-in for ages every day, but still glad to see my friends again. i am reeealllly starting to enjoy this new project! i've already made a teapot and a money box in ceramics! they are amaaaazing! and in fashion i am sooo ridiculously excited to be styling a 'Rave' themed photo shoot! it is sooo much fun! with Glow-sticks galore! i am also trying to update my myspace page as often as possible, i now have a grand total of 30 friends! hahah how saaaad! i've also been sneaking onto my cousins MFC page! i don't have my own profile on it because i can't really be bothered to get one! but she told me her password so i sneak on from time to time! :-D

Sunday 22 February 2009


so... after many weeks (if not months) of deliberation, i finally decided to create a Deviant Art account. so now i have my very own profile, with lots of my pictures on it!
right then, so after another 6 week project (storytelling) at College, I’ve finally broken up for half-term. And although it’s only for a week, I’m just relieved to have a break, however small. Unfortunately I’m having to spend most of the week doing research for my next project (Form follows Function) but it’s not so bad. I’m looking forward to studying the Bauhaus, and the Chicago school of Architecture (amongst other things!). I am trying to upload a few new drawings and illustrations (as well as a few photographs) to my
Deviant Art profile each day, and also some that I’ve had for a while. It is a little difficult though, as I don’t have a scanner at home so most of them are photographed, then uploaded! Well, I’d better go and do some more research, L2a xxx :-D

you can check out my Deviant Art profile here at i do also have an account with '' but it's not quite up and running yet