Saturday 25 April 2009

Ruby and Jeff :-D

first week back at college, good times. had my assessment and exhibition on wednesday, BAD TIMES!!! well, it wasn't too bad in the end. in fact, it went rather well! i ended up getting 5 merits and 2 distinctions for all my finished work. i uploaded a few new illustrations to my online portfolios, except i have 2 of them now, see the first one here and the other one here.
and the best news is that i fiiiinally managed to finish my children's picture book, and i'm quite pleased with the final look of the book. it took me absolutely aaaages to make all the pages and the binding, but i think it was worth it :-D

here are a few shots of the finished item (you're lucky to see it, it's the only one of it's kind in the world!)