Thursday 12 July 2012


Bonjour dearhearts, if you follow me via Twitter or Facebook then you might have noticed that i'm currently away in France, travelling down for my annual (or biennial, as the case may be this time around) trip to Andorra.

i'm currently in Feytiat near Limoges having travelled down today from Calais, but tomorrow i'll get to Andorra at last!!!

so for the next 10 days i shall be stuck halfway up a mountain with no tv/phone/internet for what will be a much needed BLISSFUL break from the hubble and bubble of the rest of the world.

in case you're wondering how a self confessed internet addict like myself will handle the seclusion... I have a stack of truly delicious new books to read, lots and lots of awesome DVD's to watch + enough music and tv shows on my macbook to divert me for months!

now i know i have been seriously neglecting this blog again lately, since my HND Fine Art course ended i've not done much other than laze about watching films, reading + working on the occasional commission. in short, i've been a very lazy blogger!

so while i'm in Andorra + visiting the surrounding areas of France and Spain, i'm going to attempt to gather some nice snaps of the place (since, it's a pretty amazingly gorgeous place!) and when i make it back to France and nab some free wi-fi, i'll run a nice blog post + maybe even a little Andorra inspired giveaway featuring some yummy Catalan goodies!

sound good?! well it's probably going to happen regardless.

oh  and if you don't already, be sure to follow me on Twitter or Like my page on Facebook to keep up to date with my travels and stuff, since you never know, i might deign to update a few things online while i'm down visiting Andorra la Vella one day :)

anyway, until i return to the land of le internet, au revoir mes amis, parler bientôt xX