Thursday 2 September 2010

Tivat Times ♥

Right well, so here I am, sat in my super cute little hotel room in the sunny not to mention dazzlingly pretty town of Tivat in Montenegro. It's been one hell of a long day, we got up at 5 which wasn't the problem. The problem was that I only ended up with 30 minutes to get up, get washed/dressed/made-up etc, packed, hair done and out the door.

Did I manage this impossible and ridiculously insane task I hear you cry?

Well, yes. But it wasn't easy!!! and i literally only just made it on time!

anyway after that it was onto Liverpool airport, our flight out to Dubrovnik left at 9:45 and landed at 12:15 GMT, obviously it was 13:15 Dubrovnik time. i would have known this if i hadn't have shoved my headphones on and dozed off listening to Kasabian the moment the plane took off.

one we'd made it out of the airport (also not the easiest task in the world) we had a nice 90 minute drive through the Croatian countryside (verrrry pretty) before FINALLY (after a bloody ridiculous 36 minute wait at customs and NO i don't care HOW cute some of those customs police men are!) made it across the border into Montenegro.

First thoughts?

just WOW! It is so pretty here. Now i've been to some lovely scenic places in my life but it really is gorgeous here. We had to catch this awesome little car ferry over to Tivat, here's a few snaps I took from the ferry at the amazing landscape around us. (NOTE: photos not edited in any way, the water really is THAT blue)
It's so sunny and bright here, and what with the glittering blue water and mountains right next to them, it's kind of a weird mix but it totally works and looks awesome. when we first crossed the border it sort of reminded me of Andorra, at first... only not landlocked, not Catalan, not covered in snow... and by the sea, obviously!

Oh and here's a delightful (NOT) shot of me and my mum looking verrry windswept as well as another showing the view off the back of the ferry.
Got to be honest though, i'm not doing too well with the whole language barrier thing. My friend Josh (who visits this part of the world every year) tried to teach me some basic phrases but it's the pronunciation that i'm really failing on.
I can spell the words just fine thanks to Josh and his linguistics skills, but ask me to say them and it's all over. I'm totally out of my depth!
Take me to Spain, France or Italy and i'll manage pretty well (i know the basics, but hey... it's enough) but here I literally haven't the foggiest.

I've not been too well today either, add to that the fact that I've been totally unable to check my facebook/twitter/gmail accounts for about 28 hours (SHOCK HORROR) i've been a bit of a state I suppose. Oh and I still have the dreaded cold. Yay.

Anyway, there's free wi-fi at this hotel but... it's about as fast as a tortoise with arthritis!
I can't make any of the pages connect and when they do it's for about 0.5 seconds and THEN a page comes up in Serbian or Croatian or... something, and I haven't a chuffing clue what's going on. I've mostly sat here unpacking and drinking Irn-Bru wondering how the hell I ended up here anyway...

i'm rambling. Sorry. Oh that's another thing, I was expecting an email off someone and there is NO EMAIL in my inbox. There are some new emails of course, but NOT the one i've been anxiously awaiting for the past day and a half.
yep... not best pleased. So now i'm sat here by myself listening to old Bee Gees songs and eating a bag of wine gums (I don't know why I bought them in the first place, I only like the green ones) and yes, I guess i'm feeling very sorry for myself.
I know, I know... I should shut the hell up and get on with life but you know me... stubborn to the last!

And i'm going to go now before I make even more of a fool of myself on here.

AND because my laptop is about to die and I don't have any adapters in my room (there you go... I told you i'd forget something!)

i'm staying in the hotel tonight, I can't be bothered going out to find anything to eat. I have wine gums and a bag of crisps and despite the fact that all i've eaten today is three wine gums from said bag (and a few sips of Irn-Bru) i'm sure i'll manage fine on that amount of grub.
I'll be ok. Right?!

Anyways... tatty bye or whatever it is they say here for goodbye!
oh, it's do viđenja
there, Josh taught me well you see
do viđenja dudes and dudettes
◕‿◕ xX

ps – i've eaten ALL of the green wine gums... now what the hell am I supposed to do with the rest!