Wednesday 6 June 2012

Creative Cafe #30

Salut dearhearts! welcome to yet another 'Creative Café' post! it's been a few months since i last posted one, but have no fear, i haven't abandoned the posts completely and i WILL be doing some more again rather soon (hopefully!)

anyway on with the post. first thing's first, if you're aware of 'the drill' then you know what to do, if not, click here then come back and scroll on for some luuuurvely images :)

so today we have a deliciously French theme to the post, it concerns a truly fabulous couturier with a bit of a twist, because today it's all about Michel Heurtault and Parasolerie Heurtault...

basically, La Parasolerie Heurtault is a magical boutique in Paris which makes and stocks (quite possibly) the most beautiful and desirable umbrellas and parasols you will ever set your beady eyes on! seriously now these are umbrellas the like of which you've never seen before, we're talking handmade, hand embroidered, decadent, silky, colourful, BEAUTIFUL brollies!

 i mean brollies that will make you ooh and ah with delight. THAT is how utterly gorgeous they are!

now regular readers of this blog may be aware that i have a bit of a penchant for pretty Umbrellas, and i don't mean those little collapsible things that you pop in your handbag, you know the ones that always blow inside out on a rainy day! no i mean 'proper' umbrellas with lovely handles, pretty patterns and frilled edges.

i currently own 4 such 'proper' brollies (one for each season) but the sublime creations of Monsieur Michel Heurtault make my umbrellas look positively dowdy in comparison!

Michel Heurtault designs and creates beautiful handmade parasols and umbrellas in both classical and contemporary styles, using traditional methods and a range of high quality materials such as wood, iron, silk, cotton and linen. 

Monsieur Heurtault has also worked for the some of the greatest French Couture houses, including Dior, Hermés and Givenchy to create unique creations for the catwalk.

La Parasolerie Heurtault offers a bespoke design service to create one-off umbrellas or parasols for clients both local and international, resulting in incredible pieces that can be cherished and admired.

these sumptuous handmade treats start at around €300 so sadly i won't be able to afford one for a while yet (mainly because all of my income at the moment goes on books, paints, books, brushes, books and er... books) but i fully intend to one day own a Heurtault original (or two... or three)

now you may be sitting there thinking 'so what, it's just an umbrella, it's only there to protect you from the rain' but, think about how many umbrellas you've thrown away or lost over the years.

all those flimsy collapsible ones, or maybe an older sturdier one that also gave up one day and was beaten by the weather. or perhaps you live somewhere that doesn't get rain very often (you're lucky, it makes a regular appearance in the Isle of Man!) and don't really need one...

well, these umbrellas aren't like that, these are painstakingly created (by hand) and designed to be effortlessly functional as well as supremely pretty to look at! the perfect balance of form and function. they will last for years maybe even longer if you look after them well, and just like a fine pair of shoes or a beautiful handbag, a 'proper' umbrella can cheer you up no end because even if the weather is dull and gloomy, you'll have a pretty brolly to brighten the day.

i may be wasting my time but i'm a firm fan of a fine umbrella and i can only imagine how nice it must be to pop one of these up in the rain or sunshine :)

and i've wittered on for long enough now, so if, like me you're partial to a nice brolly then scroll on down and see some more glorious Heurtault creations...

wow seriously... have you ever seen umbrellas more gorgeous! i know i haven't, i also know that i could happily spend all day on the Heurtault website lusting after all the pretty parasols and brollies and that the next time i'm in Paris i am DEFINITELY going to pop by the boutique and have a look at all the magical umbrellas on display.

now time for some links (oh and be aware that most of the links will be in French, although the official Heurtault website is also available in English)

for more information about La Parasolerie Heurtault + to inquire about commissioning a design, to see other bespoke collections or even to learn about the history of umbrellas and parasols (because it's ALL on there) head over to the official website here - Heurtault

Heurtault also have a page on Facebook that you can 'Like' and if you like umbrellas as much as i do then you will not hesitate to click 'like' - Heurtault

so i guess all that's left is for me to say a BIG thank you to Monsieur Heurtault for saying 'oui' and letting me run this feature on his fabulous designs.
merci beaucoup Michel, votre travail est incroyable :)

All images featured in this post belong to Michel Heurtault © do not claim, use, distribute, reproduce or copy ANY of his work without his express written consent. All Rights Reserved.

* * *

phew! done and done. you wouldn't believe how long it took me to organize this post, but i'm glad that it's up at last.

stay tuned over the next few days for another post

and until then, that's all folks... xX