Sunday 12 December 2010

Super Sunday #4 ♥

so... i've been a very BAD blogger again haven't i! to be fair i have been kind of busy these past few days, that and the fact that i haven't been feeling too well (cue sympathetic 'aaaaaahhhs' from you all) anyway, it's Sunday and that means only one thing...

it's time for another 'Super Sunday' dedication!

so without any further ado... i'm delighted to announce that this weeks 'Super Sunday' post is all about the fabulously stylish, incredibly awesome and utterly drop dead gorgeous super duper star... Dita Von Teese

i am a huuuuuge fan of the lovely Dita, i really genuinely do adore her style and think she has such wonderful fashion sense, she is basically one of my top idols! i just adore her

believe it or not but she's the very  first Burlesque/Pinup style gal i EVER attempted to draw THAT is how fabulous she is!

that's right folks... it's the fantabulous fashion and super duper style of la Dita that first inspired me to have a go at drawing Burlesque Girls so i have a lot to thank her for really, even though she doesn't realise it!

so what is it about her that makes her so damn fabulous...

well for a start she's just generally awesome! did i mention that! i mean ok the reason i'm doing this post now instead of years and years ago is because i FINALLY bought myself a copy of her super book 'Burlesque and the art of the Tease' last Wednesday during the xmas shopping spree.

i've flicked through it literally dozens of times at college as my fashion tutor Billee has a copy in her classroom but i've never really had a chance to properly read the book until now

but don't think i'm only a recent fan of her amazingness... i've been a HUGE fan of the lovely Dita for quite a few years now, ever since i first spotted a pic of her out shopping, dressed impeccably and looking as amazing as ever on some American fashion blog!

that's another thing that makes her so super duper... she ALWAYS looks good, no matter what she's doing or where she is, she always looks stylish and perfectly coiffed and made-up, she just exudes this timelessly sexy glamour and charm

she really is one of the most stylish and glamourous women in the world... as far as i'm concerned she is anyway!

she advocates glamour all the time (little quote from her book there... she claims to advocate glamour all the time and i don't think ANYONE can argue with that fact!)  whether she's performing on stage or just out on a shopping trip, she just exudes this total sense of glamour and style!

she's so timeless as well, with her dark hair, dark eyebrows, porcelain skin and ruby red lips, she could have stepped straight out of a silent movie from the 20's

it's a rarity in today's modern society to find a starlet with such an iconic, classic look and so much charisma and sex appeal, but Dita definitely has it... in spades!

she really knows how to dress to impress as well, always dressing in finely tailored outfits designed to show off her curves, teamed with a pair of killer heels + all the proper underpinnings (stockings, suspenders, basques, slips, waspies, corsets etc etc)  and with her beautifully set hair, flawless skin, glossy crimson nails and her signature red lipstick she always looks incredible no matter what!

it's an incredible feat but she pulls it off rather splendidly i'm sure you'll agree, looking that good ALL the time can't be easy but she manages it with apparent ease... and with a truly marvellous wardrobe to boot!

whether she's rocking a svarokski encrusted corset...

or a designer dress and a pair of Louboutins...

she ALWAYS looks good!

so all i can say is...

long live la Dita!

if you j'adore Dita's style as much as i do then i recommend you get yourself a copy of her book, whether or not you're a fan of Burlesque, it's worth a read either way really since it's just so magnifique et merveilleux!

also... pop over to her official website for a skeet at all things Dita related - Dita Von Teese

* * *

in other news...

my little cousin Sienna came to stay again this weekend!
 here she is modeling her brand new cupcake apron (from the delightful shop, 'Pomegranate' in Onchan, Isle of Man) that i bought her a few weeks ago after my trip to the dentist (my dentist is also in Onchan... in case you were wondering how that was relevant)

we had a great fun on Saturday mooching around the shops in Douglas, we also headed over to the fabulous little Christmas market that was set up along North Quay next to the harbour. 

there were some gorgeous things to see, lots of super craft stalls + a verrrrry yummy cupcake stall.

i also got to meet the lovely Karen Tomlinson aka purplecats corner 

she had a great stall filled with fabulous prints of her pretty artwork + lots of magnets and bookmarks. she also had some original pieces there for sale and really i'm sad that i couldn't get one! 

but after my Christmas shopping day on Wednesday i am literally penniless...

it was lovely to meet her anyway 

you can check out Karen's adorable paintings and prints here on her blog - purplecats corner

or head over to her etsy shop and treat yourself to something pretty - Purplecatscorner etsy

* * *

anyway, today we took Sienna back to Groudle Glen Railway for the annual 'Santa Trains'

now you may remember that earlier this year we took Sienna to the 'Teddy Bear's Picnic Trains' which she absolutely L-O-V-E-D! you can read about that here - Super Duper Train Times

since she loved that trip so much i promised she could go to the Santa ones as well! in fact some of you may remember that i actually created the artwork for the Groudle Glen Railway website a few months ago (you can see it here) - GGR 

anyway we took her down there just before lunch, it was quite a hike through the Glen to the station but it was worth it. the station was covered in multi-coloured fairy lights with Christmas songs playing to add to the festive atmosphere. 

all the Railway volunteers were decked out in their smart uniforms with the added fun of some Santa hats! in fact... Santa himself was there with a few elves handing out presents and sweeties to all the little boys and girls... although Sienna wouldn't go and see him so my mum had to go and get the present instead!

it was still a fun trip though, the train was absolutely packed! it was so festive and Christmassy, a super duper day out indeed, 

so if you live on the Isle of Man i highly recommend you get yourself down to the Groudle Glen Railway next Saturday or Sunday for the last of the Santa Trains (a shameless plug i know but... it's so worth it!) you can pre-book your tickets online here - Ticket Office

* * *

and that's pretty much it for today, a busy day but a fun one nonetheless

i'm staying at home tomorrow on account of today's busy day, that and the fact that i want to sleep in tomorrow morning... it's ok, i'm going into to College on Tuesday so it's aaaaall good!

enjoy the rest of your Sunday, wherever in the world you are

that's all folks...

♥ ◕‿◕ ♥

Dank uwel en vaarwel

(that's thank you and goodbye in Flemish on behalf of Belgium, i've visited Belgium several times staying all over the place, it's a gorgeous country and i look forward to visiting it again soon, dank u xX)