Friday 11 May 2012

May Drawing Challenge - Day 11

the theme for today was 'a tea or coffee cup', i did my doodle very early this morning and it's been a loooong day at college and i only just got home! as it happens i have literally just had a cup of green tea + lemon and it reminded me to post this on here!

so thanks for that... oh the power of tea!

anyway here's my doodle...

just something simple :)

thought you might like to see my college desk pal Jennie's as well...

now as i said, it's been a long day and this afternoon myself and Jennie found ourselves a little... shall we say bored?! yes we were bored!

all the other HND and BA students had gone home so we borrowed some pastels from the art supplies cupboard and had a go at 'chalking' our hair

i say 'had a go', it wasn't exactly a total success, for starters we soon figured out why all the online tutorials show girls wearing gloves to do it!

chalky hands! anyway, we persevered, here's Jennie's multicoloured locks...

and my vaguely pink, purple and blue attempt

it was fun though! believe it or not but we actually DO do actual work... sometimes :)

yes well, here's a shot of my desk today to prove it! i was right in the middle of organizing research to go into my logbook...

fun times!

anyway that's it for now, so until tomorrow, that's all folks... xX