Wednesday 11 March 2009

back to college!

well i'm back at college now! slightly sad not being able to lie-in for ages every day, but still glad to see my friends again. i am reeealllly starting to enjoy this new project! i've already made a teapot and a money box in ceramics! they are amaaaazing! and in fashion i am sooo ridiculously excited to be styling a 'Rave' themed photo shoot! it is sooo much fun! with Glow-sticks galore! i am also trying to update my myspace page as often as possible, i now have a grand total of 30 friends! hahah how saaaad! i've also been sneaking onto my cousins MFC page! i don't have my own profile on it because i can't really be bothered to get one! but she told me her password so i sneak on from time to time! :-D


  1. i love the color explosion! that goes into your artwork! so pretty! <3

  2. wow, thank you so much! that's very kind of you :-D x