Thursday 14 July 2011

Beach Times ★

so for the past 2 days my friend Jenny has been round to visit and whisk me off to shops and civilization so i don't go completely mad here at home by myself! 

well yesterday we went to Tynwald for a bit then to Peel (where i also bumped into my old college friends Josh and Sarah) before driving out to a little beach that i'd never visited before

it pains me that there are so many gorgeous places here on the island that i've never visited and Glen Wyllin Beach in Kirk Michael is one of them

we went at about 7pm last night and it was just so gorgeous!

so today we packed a picnic and spent the whole afternoon there instead since it was about 20˚ something today and gloriously sunny with fabulously blue skies

it is just so sublime there!!! i took looooads of photos so i'm just going to let you look through them by yourself.

oh and i haven't edited any of these photos because i didn't need to, the sky was so beautifully blue and the sea was so pretty, it's days like these that make me so glad i live somewhere as beautiful as the Isle of Man...

Jenny decided to have a go at building a sandcastle but the general lack of a bucket and spade held her back a bit!

so i just sat reading instead...

so then Jenny was determined to go for a swim...

 but i just paddled instead since the sea wasn't really that cold...

and of course sunbathing wasn't really an option since we're both so pale! i stayed stuck under my umbrella/parasol instead (although i STILL managed to catch the sun a bit today!!!)

and then later this afternoon we stopped in Peel for some ice cream 

so naturally i took the opportunity to snap some shots of Peel Castle and the bay

it was a smashing day out anyway so big thanks to Jenny for rescuing me from Chateau Boylan and actually helping me leave the house for once!!! 

* * *

not much else for now, tomorrow i'm hoping to go to Juan Moore's exhibition preview at the Manx Museum but that all depends on whether or not i can get a lift there/back!

fingers crossed!!!

anyway, that's all folks... ★ ◕‿◕ xX