Saturday 18 July 2009

Hola, Bonjour, Hello...

after a blissfully secluded week in Andorra (attempting to speak Spanish) I spent two days travelling back through France (attempting to speak French), a few hours in Belgium (not attempting to speak Flemish). Then after another day's travel over the Channel tunnel and up the motorways I'm now back in Coventry in the UK (happy to speak English!) for a few days then home to the Isle of Man. I've had a lovely trip, and can't deny that I do love my annual visit to Andorra, I only wish I could come here more often. The house we stay in is situated in an extremely isolated place, but it's always most enjoyable all the same. It seems that being stuck halfway up a mountain without a television, telephone or any internet access is surprisingly gratifying, and with little else to do all day but read, watch movies on my laptop and draw things, my creative energies have also been gratuitously rewarded. I've got about eighteen new illustrations (I will try to upload them as soon as I return to the I.O.M depending on what time I get back) and a notebook full of other ideas for drawings, to pursue at my leisure. I'll probably update my blog when I get home but for now I will bid my hearty farewell, leaving you with this. A snap of my new favourite toy! An utterly adorable and amazing little purchase from my favourite Andorran shop (La Bauhaus: sells anything and everything to do with art, design, illustration, graphics, architecture and all the random things you could ever desire)

it is a wind up robot (hence the plastic to wind it with) but the best part is that it is also a pencil sharpener and sharpening a pencil also winds up the robot! A piece of utter genius design I think you'll agree! Au revoir, a bientot :-D x

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Saturday 4 July 2009

well, well, well...

It hardly seems possible but it's true, i've finished my first year of the National Diploma in Art and Design at College. It has literally flown by and now I find myself faced with a seemingly endless summer (good times). On Monday i'll start my (lengthy) journey driving down through England and France to Andorra. So this means that sadly I won't be able to make any updates due to the total lack of internet access at the house in Andorra, but it also means that I will have lots of time to draw, so should come back with loads of new pictures! We were also given our College Summer projects, we can do the on basically whatever we want, so thus far, mine pretty much consistes of Fashion illustration and Graphic design. Anyway, i'd best go, lots to pack etc. lots o' luv :-D x

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