Sunday 13 November 2011

★ Jade's Wish List - 2011 ★

It's getting to be that time of year again, the time when you can't leave the house without a scarf, hat and gloves, when winter boots and multiple pairs of socks are the only thing that will keep your toes warm, the time when shops begin to fill with fancy gifts and sparkly lights and festive tunes start to fill the air, in my opinion it's THE best time of year, i'm talking, of course about the Wintery weather and the thought of Christmas, just around the corner!

Winter has always been my favourite season and when people ask me why i'm never really able to give them much of a proper reason! 

There's just something about it that I love. I look forward to it in fact + the chance to wear winter coats, boots, gloves and hats, and getting to mooch around town shopping for fabulous presents for my friends and family. 

Pretty wrapping paper, ribbons and tags, boxes stacked up waiting to be opened, it's all so much fun + it's amazing waking up and opening the curtains to see fresh snow covering everything like a layer of pristine icing, glittering ever so slightly. 

I love the darker nights and the cold weather when all you want to do is curl up in a big blanket and sip sweet tea while reading a really good book or watching old Xmas movies. It's all heaven to me!

right i've rambled on for long enough I think, maybe...

anyway, since Christmas is coming I thought now might be the time to draw up a little Xmas Wish List just in case Father Christmas is reading this! I mean, i'm sure he reads my blog anyway... right?!

So here it is, my Dream Wish List for 2011 + reasons as to why i want/need each item 

and yes, I am serious and no, I don't expect to wake up on Christmas morning to find all of these goodies waiting underneath the tree but hey, a girl can dream...

Jade's Dream Christmas Wish List 2011 - the TOP 10 (aka 'things Santa will never bring her, not in a million years no matter how nice and well behaved she is')

1. my name spelt out in these very cute tote shoppers from the fabulous Alphabet Bags (because, well look at them... do i really need to give a proper reason! they're brilliant)

2. a red papercut of '
I Miss Being a Small Girl' by the very awesome Rob Ryan (because i am a HUGE fan of his work and this is probably my favourite piece he's ever done!)

3. a gorgeous little Origami Crane necklace from Botica (because i like to fold paper cranes when i'm thinking and this necklace is just too lovely) 

4. a 'Miss Lanvin' doll figurine from Lanvin (because i am a sucker for anything 'Lanvin' and i just adore these fabulous little Lanvin dolls!) 

5. the full set of 'Clothbound Classics' Hardback Books from Penguin Books (because they are all so darn beautiful i can't pick just one + imagine how great it would be to have them all to pick from and read whenever/wherever!) 

6. a 'lipstick red' Lips clutch bag by 
Lulu Guinness (because i LOVE to wear red lipstick and this bag would always match my lipstick to perfection!)

7. a Guccioli 'Oliver' Pug keyring from Gucci (because i think it would look perfect on my black Gucci Indy bag + I just luuuurve Pugs!)

8. a truly brilliant Pashley 'Britannia' bicycle (in red of course!) from Adeline Adeline (because i sold my bike a few years ago and i really miss it! and because i've always wanted a bike JUST like this one)

9. a super duper pretty 'Floating Flock' dress from BHLDN (because let's face it, that is one cute dress!)

10. a pair of truly divine 'Big Stack' pumps with 120mm/5” high heels by Christian Louboutin (aka the God of shoes) i want these because... well other than the fact that they are AMAZING, they would totally match that BHLDN dress AND the Lulu Guinness lips clutch would match the red of the soles... perfect outfit sorted!!!

and there you have it, top 10 wish list for Xmas 2011... DONE!

a dream list of items that i will probably never own... or at least, will never get for Xmas, amassing a collective price tag of just under £3,150 

i think i did rather well with it actually, i could have gone a bit more down the hedonism route but i tried to keep it quite reasonable and realistic, what do you think? will Santa finally pull through this year and leave all of this under my tree?!

probably not...

but it was fun nonetheless! 

Either way I urge you ALL to have a go at one of these dream wish list type things, they are ridiculously fun to draw up even if I did get a bit carried away with mine, it seems to get a little more decadent as the list goes on but oh well! 

like i said, i could have gone a bit crazier with it, i mean i could have asked Santa for a yacht, an Aston Martin V12 Vantage, an apartment in Monaco and a shopping spree around Harrods... but i didn't because i'm sensible... obviously

anyway that's all for now, i'm off to post my list to Santa just to make double sure that he gets it in time for Christmas! i'd hate for him to miss it and send me something else, after all, we wouldn't want that to happen would we...

* * *

i've got a new Creative Café post to pop up tomorrow evening so be sure to look out for that faithful readers!

so until next time, that's all folks... ◕‿◕ ★ xX