Sunday 3 April 2011

Sunny Sunday ★

so apologies once again for the lack of posts, i've not been too well this week and i guess i just haven't really been up to the whole blogging malarkey!

mainly due to lack of stuff to post about . . .

this is a short but sweet post since there really isn't much going on in my life to talk about at the moment!

anyway today i've been making some little ribbon flowers

i thought it was about time i used some of the gorgeous ribbons i have stashed about all over my room

so i sorted out my old hot glue gun, grabbed my sewing box and got making . . .

i'm hoping to pop into my new fave haberdashery shop 'Just Enough' tomorrow morning to get some pretty buttons to finish these with and then i might stitch them all onto hair clips or brooches, not really sure yet, what would you do with one of these???

* * *

in other news . . .

today i also edited another one of the candy themed characters that i've been working on

sort of . . .

this is 'Sprinkles' the dog, he belongs to the eldest Cupcake Princess (who you've seen before)

i'm still working on the little Princess' pet, not telling you what type of animal it is yet but i will tell you that it's name is 'Swirly'

* * *

nothing else to tell you about really

today's blog title is 'sunny sunday' because it has been gloriously sunny all day here today, unfortunately i've been cooped up inside all day coughing my lungs up + watching endless episodes of 'Fringe' (while making ribbon flowers)

college tomorrow 

+ tomorrow night it's the next 'welcome to the neighbourhood' exhibition from Juan Moore (more about him here in this post - Arty Stuff ) it's a gig/exhibition aptly names the 'gighibition' and i'm hoping to pop down to it with an old college friend (if she's not working and gets her act together) that is providing i don't wake up feeling ill. . . again!

that's all folks . . .

★ ◕‿◕ xX