Monday 8 November 2010

Manic Monday ★

so today i woke up at 5am (ish) feeling really ill! this = bad times since i actually planned on doing some college work today... at college

however, the whole being ill factor ruined that plan so i stayed at home and did college work instead (yay... thumbs up) 

also noticed that the blog hit 10,000 page views overnight...

wow and wowy wow W O W

thank you to everyone that has come to have a skeet at my weird and slightly colourful little world

i'm quite literally beaming hugs to you all as i type this...

* * *

anyway back to the post, i drew a couple of new Pinup Illustrations and then what do you know...

i decided to RE-DRAW some old ones as well

as much extra time and effort as it is, i secretly love re-drawing my old illustrations, especially if the originals weren't very good, it gives me the chance to try and fix them

like my 'Bubbly Burlesque Girl' (as she was originally known). when i first drew her, her face was all messed up (it was... really) and the cocktail glass i drew for her was just awful (well and truly rubbish) so i sat down with my fineliners and drew her out again from scratch and THIS time she isn't half as bad as she was

still not maybe 100% perfecto but hey... i AM a perfectionist! i'll let you make up your own mind about little Miss 'Shaken not Stirred' ... 

ah i don't know, i'll probably re-draw her again next year and start hating this version! anyway moving on...

the next one i had a go at re-doing was my old Betty Boop fan art piece 'Pretty in Pink'

the original was cute but i guess the massive Betty Boop head kind of distracted you from the little 50's style outfit, so i had another go and this was the result, 

little Miss 'Dreaming of You' (because of the wind swept hair, the dreamy look in her eyes and the heart in her hands)

once again, i'll probably hate her this time next year!

what about the coloured backgrounds though? are we liking these or loathing them...

i just fancied a change seeing as i almost ALWAYS submit my pinup girls with plain white backgrounds (BORING) and in pinup photography, if it's not a location shoot they usually use brightly coloured lit backdrops like these so... tah-dah

if everyone hates them i'll stop using them but for now... voila!

also... are we liking the new blog background???

i added a few little 'snapshot' type pictures of a few of my own illustrations + a few tiny snippets from my picture book 'Where's Charlie?'

i thought the background needed brightening up a bit so... let me know what you think!

* * *

in other news... i got a message a while ago off Mike, he was glad to let me know that his FCP has arrived!

those of you that are regular readers of my blog will know all about the wonders of the FCP site but in case you're new here, just check out this old post and all shall be revealed - my Free Crappy Portrait ♥

basically, after my super FCP arrived, Mike got all jealous (he did... ) and sent off for one as well

now... i'm a big fan of the ol' 'free crappy portraits' off the FCP site but come on!!! 

MY portrait took over a month to arrive and he got his after about 2 weeks... grumble, moan, sulk!

ah i can forgive it, just this once!

anyway i'm pleased to report that his FCP is actually rather super duper, i shall explain it on his behalf

basically... Mike is a MASSIVE 'Doctor Who' fan (if you don't know what Doctor Who is... go and bang your head against a wall, then get your bum to a computer and learn to Google fast!) 

i mean he loves Doctor Who more than life itself (he really does... he'll never admit it but it's true) so the picture he sent in was one of him leaning out of a red telephone box brandishing a sonic screwdriver (once again if you have no idea what that is... go and google it) and that is exactly what his FCP delivered...

and look... a Sphinx, a half built Pyramid AND Ancient Egyptians too! this drawing has everything!

and in case you're wondering if it's a good likeness of Mike... i can tell you that it is

yes, his hair REALLY is that tall... no joke!

good times

* * *

and that's it for tonight dear dudes and dudettes, 

apparently it's snowing somewhere here on the Island but i've yet to see any snow...

oh and i just heard a loud beeping from somewhere in the room which i think means i've received a text so i'm off to try and retrieve my phone from the pile of junk it's apparently buried in!

that's all folks...

♥ ◕‿◕ ★ xX

Thank you and Goodbye

(no... i didn't get mixed up and repeat the farewell from yesterday's post! the next country on the list was the USA so... it's an English goodbye again, the NEXT post will have a different farewell though, promise)