Sunday 8 May 2011

Candy Colours ♥

so despite the fact that i haven't left the house in days + the fact that i haven't blogged in aaaages tonight i thought, what the hell! let's have a blog post, why not . . .

wanted to share my latest candy coloured illustration with you all

the aptly named 'C A N D Y'

yes she's a little bright

and yes, for those who've followed this blog for a while, that is the modern Alice in Wonderland Girl i drew when i was bored one afternoon

but as you can see this one is a little more crazy in the colour department

moving on from the garish colours, check out what i FINALLY finished making this afternoon!

i swear my hands have been deliberately naughty today, it took 3 attempts for me to stitch the head together since i kept sewing parts up wrong

anyway it's done now

ahem . . . check out the tag

well actually truth be told, this lovely little fawn isn't 100% finished yet but i need to buy the finishing touch tomorrow so it soon will be!

what else?!

well i also finaaaally glued on some anywhere clips this afternoon, 

then i went a bit loco trying them all on (ignoring the VILE quality of the photos!!!)

this is my fave though (even if i say so myself! and i do) 

i will be making some of these rosette clips available in the etsy shop soon but i think i'm going to have to keep one of the nautical ones for myself!

* * *

nothing else to report (i think) tomorrow it's off to college to get some sewing done + finish off my critical study essay + print out a bajillion candy prints

bye bye dear readers!

that's all folks ◕‿◕ ★ xX