Thursday 21 October 2010

Stars and Sparkles ★

so it's my 'crit' tomorrow afternoon at college. Crits are sort of like assessments only not as formal and often a lot scarier... however I'm not scared because i have to stand up and talk about my work to everyone, I'm scared about the lack of it!

don't get me wrong i have done SOME work this term... it just doesn't seem to be as much as what everyone else has done!

in light of this i have spent the past 2 days working my 'bum' off to finish another digital piece

and it's FINALLY done!!!

trust me, yesterday afternoon/evening i was just about ready to throw my macbook at the wall (i worked on it for 8-9 hours straight before giving up) because photoshop makes everything else run so SLOWLY (no snide 'mac' comments please Mike...) 

it was the same today but after another 9 (yes... NINE) hours working on it i think it really is finally finished

i'll no doubt hate it tomorrow and spend another few hours 'fixing' it but for now...

may i present the 'Midnight Burlesque Girl'

you'll have to click on her for a full view, well... 
for a fuller view since the actual file is about 3200x5120 at full size!

now you'll understand why photoshop was so FREAKIN SLOOOOW!

i guess she can be another Halloween themed Pin-up... maybe... perhaps, if you squint a lot!

nah maybe not! but  come on... she is a bit creepy looking, uber pale and all smokey eyed, she could pass as a vampire or something... right?!

she was also inspired a lot by Moulin Rouge

you see... she was supposed to be all colourful and happy and circus themed

but then i watched Moulin Rouge (about 3 times in a row) and this was the result

you've got to admit she has a definite 'Satine' vibe about her

and as always i 'tested' the image on Mike first...

he's my sounding board i guess, he always gives an honest answer and opinion about my artwork so he's a good pal to get feedback from

anyway if i remember correctly his response was something along the lines of...


i would... 

nah its epic. 

colours work. background's not pixelated... some would say it was geniouse'

ahahaha, see... always an honest answer!

oh and that isn't a typo, 'geniouse' is a sort of joke in reference to another college dude called Meg (sorry i mean Chris. his name is actually Chris yet everyone calls him Meg... as in Meg Griffin off Family Guy... what can i say, it's a long story)

* * *

ok enough rambling about my friends, i'm sure that's not why you read my blog so apologies for that shred of normalcy!

 time for some tea and a bit of 'Mad Men' now

by the way... if you would like to be even more of a star (you're already a star because you're here reading this but there's always room to be even more of a super star) then pop over to my 'art wanted' account and help boost the views for this new 'Girl' - Midnight Burlesque Girl

cheers m'dears

that's all folks...

arrivederci mia amicas e amicos!

◕‿◕ ★ xX