Wednesday 7 April 2010

Week of Blogging - Day 3

so... today i was officially abandoned for the week by my dear parents who have decided to swan off to Lisbon without me! it's ok... it was my idea actually! hahaha

this morning i put my Alice in Wonderland fan arts on hold for a bit and ended up drawing a new girl in the same sort of style i drew 'my Alice' in yesterday, she's based on a photo of an amazing little doll i saw a while ago, i can't remember where the doll is from but it was so pretty!

anyway this is what i drew today, i've decided to call her Evie, i guess she's also supposed to be loosely based on a character from one of my own books. that's all i'm saying though, you're not getting any of the story! follow this LINK for a larger view of her.