Monday 9 April 2012

Spring & Summer Fashion times

it's become a bit of a tradition here on my blog over the past couple of years that every new season i run a post featuring shots from the latest collection by one of my favourite fashion designers, the very fabulous and super duper Austrian designer Lena Hoschek

i see no reason to break the tradition now so today i thought i'd share some of the gorgeousness that is her S/S 2012 collection!

this is the 4th time i'll have blogged about her designs, to read the previous posts and see the lovely past collections follow the links. A/W 2010 Hats and Happy Times, S/S 2011 50's Fashion for Spring and A/W 2011 Autumn Fashion

anyway on with the new designs! i say this every season but i think the lovely Lena might have outdone herself (once again!) this year

the new collection is divine! super girly and feminine with flirty colours and cuts + pretty nautical stripes, polka dots, florals and funky patterns

Lena's collection shoots are always absolutely fabulous, i'm loving the Italian location for this year's collection, clearly shot on and around the beautiful lake Valvestino in Gargnano in Northern Italy

so far i think my favourite pieces from the collection might just be the peppermint candy striped blouse and skirt (although maybe not together...)

since they remind me of Mary Poppins' when they all go on the carousel, Mary's dress is white and red + Bert has a candy stripe jacket on. (yes so i'm a sad geek, move on, embrace it...) i just love these pieces! i especially love the skirt and i might just really REALLY need it in my life (i wish!)

anyway we all know i'm a big Lena Hoschek fan, so without any further rambling and nonsensical gushing from me, have a little look at some of the glorious new designs for S/S 2012

isn't it all gorrrrgeous! 

once again, the amazing photographs are by the Austrian photography team - Lupi Spuma 

and to see the rest of the collection + to find out a bit more about the lovely Lena, check out her official website here - Lena Hoschek

and to see past collections + to buy your very own piece of Lena Hoschek loveliness,  (+ the A/W 2011 collection is currently on sale... ) you can head over to the shop here - Lena Hoschek Shop

oh and be sure to 'Like' the Facebook page Lena Hoschek

All images featured in this post are from Lena Hoschek©

* * *

so there you have it, more ridiculously pretty and gorgeous clothes that i can daydream about owning

oh and i know i said the blog was going on mini hiatus but i couldn't resist sharing the new collection with you all 

so until next time, bearing in mind that i genuinely have no idea when that'll be, that's all folks... xX

Sunday 8 April 2012

Catch up times

Hello there, Happy Easter to you today if you celebrate it. And if you don't... then 'Happy Sunday' and if it's not Sunday where you are... then 'hello' wherever in the world you are + whatever you're up to today.

Golly gosh it's been a while since I last posted on here. You don't need me to tell you it's because i've been so busy because that's the reason I give every time (it's true after all...) but i've also been ill recently and am currently tackling a particularly vile viral throat infection (it's as sore and rubbish as it sounds) that has given me a raw throat, aching limbs, constant headaches + taken away my sense of taste and most of my appetite.

The weird thing is that over the past few weeks i've actually had things to blog about, I just haven't managed to get around to actually writing stuff up or editing pictures. However, seeing as i've spent the entire day cooped up in bed drinking endless cups of orange juice and gazing wistfully at my easter eggs (I woke up to find 8 kinder eggs waiting for me, pity I can't actually taste the chocolate at the moment though) I figured 'no time like the present' and got sorting through the pictures.

I'll start at the most recent stuff and work my way back ok. Bear in mind that this will be a mostly personal post full of pics of friends and family members so if you're here looking for a Creative Café feature or something similar... i'm sorry to disappoint!

Obviously to start with I should point out the blog redesign... yes that's right folks, gone are the candy stripes and headache inducing shades of pink and purple, instead we now have cute airmail stripes + a simpler banner. Let me know if you love it or loathe it, leave a little comment...

Ok on with the post! so yesterday was my best friend Courtney's 21st Birthday, I managed to leave my duvet nest for a few hours to see her in town (at The Alpine of course...) and hand over her Birthday gifts, part of which was this very special little hand stitched Owl plushie that i made especially for her 21st.

like me, Courtney is a big fan of all things Owl related, i'd already bought her a cute little pocket watch necklace but wanted to make her something as well so a girly candy coloured mini owl seemed perfect!

Sticking with The Alpine Café for a moment, I popped in last Wednesday to spend the morning sipping tea and editing files and Melanie, the café's lovely owner came over to show me the brand new menus that had just been delivered

if you think the illustrations look a tad familiar it's because I designed them!!!

if you follow me on Facebook or Twitter then you'll know that I visit the Alpine pretty much every time I head into town so I was absolutely over the moon when Melanie asked me to sort some stuff for the new menu designs several weeks ago.

I showed her 'the Alpine' design I made (inspired by the actual café) and she picked it straightaway only choosing to space it between the kids menu and main menu. It's brilliant popping into the café now only to see my designs on every table!

On Thursday night a new group exhibition opened at the Pavillion in Laxey here on the island.

the 'Miscellaneous' exhibition featuring a bunch of Manx artists, designers, ceramicists and photographers.

I have 4 little candy paintings in the show but unfortunately couldn't go to the private view because I was too ill, so sadly I have no snaps of the show or all of the awesome work on display :(

anyway, let's go back a week or two and my lovely little cousin Sienna came to stay for the entire weekend! Sienna is a regular on this blog and if you read my posts then you'll know what a blast we always have when she comes to stay.

That weekend was no different and we had great fun pottering around Douglas + visiting the annual On Your Doorstep Exhibition at the Villa Marina in Douglas (read about our cupcake fuelled trip there last year as well - Things that begin with 'S' )

during the weekend we played with all her Lalaloopsy dolls (+ some of mine...)

we also had great fun playing in the garden on the Sunday since it was such a gorgeous sunny day!

We went for a hula hoop walk around the house...

tried to see if we could spot some frogs in the pond...

we found the old the garden swing...

we even drew some chalk masterpieces outside the garage!

AND played hopscotch...

Then in the afternoon we baked up a load of cute cupcakes for the Easter fair at Sienna's school

and painted a special 'Princess' egg for the Easter Egg Competition

it was a great weekend and then I even had a fun final week at college before the Easter break started. Although my desk is still a mess of books and other arty rubbish...

oh and i've been making some new bears as well over the past few weeks

My Easter assessment went well and I got some positive critiques on my latest work... which I still haven't shared with you all!

About the new work, i've been sorting these designs and paintings since mid February and they are all going towards my final end of year exhibition at college + a new group exhibition

I would love LOVE to post some sneak peek pics on here, but i'm not going to (I know, i'm so cruel!) so if you want to see them you'll either have to come to one of my exhibitions next month or in June or... wait for me to blog about the stuff when the exhibitions go up!

All I can tell you is that the new work is very girly, very bright and very fun!

Speaking of girly, bright and fun, check out the Cath Kidston fabric swatches I got a few weeks ago!

+ here's a snap of my ongoing washi tape collection (yes, I may have become a tad addicted! But it's so handy and looks good on everything!!!) i've owned a few rolls of the stuff before but am a little late to the table so far as Washi tape addictions go! i intend to make up for that though... just give me time!

it's become a sort of weekly ritual that I treat myself to a new washi tape or two, great for my crafty needs, not so good for my bank balance! if only they didn't look so pretty adorning tags, books and orders from my etsy shop!

Ok one final thing now before I crawl back to my duvet nest and reach for the orange juice. A couple of months ago myself + a few friends decided to start a local design collective for young illustrators, graphic designers and animators.

It's called 'Smoo Doo Croo' which is Manx Gaelic and roughly translates to 'Think Ink Create'

Smoo Doo Croo currently consist of 7 members, all guys and girls between the ages of 19 and 29, all emerging artists and all multitalented.

Among our ranks we have some illustrators, some graphic designers, painters, web designers, crafters + a couple of Oscar Nominated animators and colourists (yes... really!)

so it would be amazingly awesome and great if you could head over and check out our blog – Smoo Doo Croo: Think Ink Create

+ if you're feeling kind maybe 'Like' us on Facebook (we need more likes... pretty please?!) - Smoo Doo Croo

or follow us on Twitter - @SmooDooCroo

we're also on tumblr – smoodoocroo

and we even have a few boards on Pinterest too! - Smoo Doo Croo

all that's left now is for me to say toodle-ooh, i think the blog might be on another hiatus for a few weeks after this while i recover + get back to college and back to the busy work times once again.

so until then, whenever it might be, that's all folks... xX