Wednesday 25 August 2010

♥ Baking Day ♥

This morning after talking to one of my friends in Australia via Skype (don't you just love the internet!) I popped into Douglas town to meet my friends but before I could find them I nipped into Curphey's (gorgeous handbag/shoe/jewellery/bits and bobs shop... love it) and bought something i've wanted for aaaaages!

When the Tim Burton/Disney extravaganza that was 'Alice in Wonderland' came out earlier this year, the Disney Couture jewellery line brought out some fabulous AiW themed pieces designed by Tom Binns including a supercute 'Hatter' necklace and matching earrings. Anyway, i've wanted these for yonks and today they just so happened to be in the sale so... BARGAIN BUY!

Plus I actually do love them! the Hatter is my favourite character from the film and from the books so that'll be why they appeal to me so much.
And look at the cute bags they came in as well!
Anyway after that I actually managed to meet up with Charlotte my 50's pinup style pal (check out her super duper blog HERE) and we made our way through town to be picked up by Jenny who was hosting the Baking day.

After a trip to Tesco for some supplies (eggs, butter, icing sugar, cake mix, rainbow sprinkles, blue food dye... you know just the bare essentials!) we went back to Jenny's flat and got to work on the cupcakes.
Obviously we had time for some 'posing' as well! Here's Charlotte practicing her best 50's style advert pose, me mixing away at the BLUE sponge mix + Charlotte spooning out the mixture.
At first we were just going to have blue icing but then Charlotte and Jenny got a bit carried away with the food colouring so... BLUE cakes!

we paused for some lunch after the first batch were cooling, a delicious feast of potato smileys (cooked by Jenny) and Pink Lemonade (mixed by yours truly) and watched some episodes of American Dad.

ah... Seth MacFarlane, what a genius! anyway, after that we finished the second batch and ended up with 24 beautifully iced (by Jenny and Charlotte) and vigorously sprinkled (by me) cakes that tasted divine and dyed your fingers, lips and tongue bright blue!
they were seriously yummy though! Charlotte did a cracking job on the home made buttercream icing, even if it did give you a blue mouth!!! ◕‿◕

it was a really fun day though, after the cakes were all finished we popped into Tynwald for a quick wander around the little shops, we pretty much had to drag ourselves out of 'Never Never land' the children's clothing and toy shop.

all those tiny little outfits did weird things to our girly brains, i think all three of us were send a bit loopy by the sight of so many scrumptious little baby clothes! bad times...

anyway that's all for now, i'm sat in the dark blogging and listening to Chatanooga Choo Choo by Glen Miller and the Andrews sisters... ok i'm singing along to it as well i admit it!

until i blog again...

luuurve to you all ♥ ◕‿◕ ♥ xX