Wednesday 25 January 2017

Super Snaps ❤

Gather round dear readers because I have something super fun and colourful to share with you all today!

If you follow me on Instagram (and if you don't, then you really ought to) then you might have seen the cute giveaway I'm running with UK based Super Snaps

We've teamed up to give one lucky winner a pair of Candy Doll Club pins and some Girl Gang stickers (designed by yours truly of course) along with an exclusive set of one of a kind magnets and retro prints from Super Snaps, all featuring some of my colourful designs.

Just look at all those treats! Who wouldn't want to win that lot?!
 The magnets and prints feature 10 of my illustrations (the 10th one isn't shown in any of the photos, so I guess only the winner will get to see what it is). I tried to pick a range of colourful designs that I thought would look good, so here's hoping that whoever wins thinks they look good too.

The lovely folks at Super Snaps were also kind enough to send me a set of the magnets and retro prints as well, which is really BRILLIANT because I've never seen any of my work on magnets before, It's all rather exciting. They arrived super quickly and the packaging was simple but still very cute.

Super Snaps give you an easy peasy way to order your own Instagram shots or digital photos printed on magnets and prints, so if you've ever wanted to see your own face on a magnet, or your pet/child/handbag on prints stuck to your wall, then Super Snaps is definitely the place to get em' made. They can also produce stickers, greetings cards + framed prints of your photos or designs as well as magnets and mini prints.

cute and colourful magnets
The quality of the magnets is really nice, they're quite thin but they went onto the fridge door without any problems and they look great. I was actually going to share them with my friends but I think I'll have to keep them all now because they look really fantastic on the fridge and the colours are very vibrant and sharp.

some of the fun magnets YOU could win!
The retro prints Super Snaps sent me were actually a total surprise so I was delighted to receive them. Once again the colour quality is gorgeous and I love the classic polaroid style and size of the prints. As I work primarily digitally I rarely get to see my work actually printed out but these turned out so well, I really like them.

I also think that the retro prints would make great pocket portfolios for illustrators, designers, photographers and artists since they're small enough to carry around and they're such good quality they'd really help to show off your work.

I didn't send any photos for the magnets/prints since I'm an illustrator and the only photos I really have of my designs are product shots, but I'm definitely curious to see how photos would look on these retro prints. I bet they look great and I'm wondering whose birthday I could order some for this year. I'm already considering a set of fun magnets for my sister, so if you're reading this Nikki don't forget to act surprised on your Birthday.

This is a great prize, I'm sure you'll agree, and if you think you'd like to try and get your hands on these cute goodies, all you have to do is click this link for info on how to enter the Giveaway. You can also enter it over here on the Super Snaps IG page. But don't leave it too long because we'll be picking a winner on Friday 27th January.

Please be aware that it's an Instagram only giveaway so leaving a comment here or on facebook or twitter will not count as an entry.
If you can't wait until Friday to see if you've won and you just HAVE to get these pins and stickers, then you'll find them here in my SHOP

And if you fancy getting some magnets, retro prints or other goodies printed up with your own photos or designs, you can get them right HERE

and those superstars at Super Snaps have also set up an exclusive discount code for all you Candy Dolls out there! All you need to do is enter code: CDC15 (in caps because it is case sensitive) at the checkout to get 15% off at Super Snaps until April.

They offer fast and free shipping to UK customers + express International delivery for those of you around the world.

And on that note i'll say goodbye because I'm going off to raid the fridge for dinner and admire my new magnets as well.

bye for now!