Friday 22 October 2010

more BPL shoes ♥

So i've been busy today with College stuff but when I got home I got a nice message off Leah (of BPL fame and fabulousness) on twitter telling me about what a super success BPL day was on the 20th October

so in light of this...

here's another post dedicated to the gorgeous genius that is... Black Patent Leather High Heels!

Here's a shot Leah sent me of the super duper BPL shoes she rocked for BPL day

totally amazingly and unbelievably gorgeous shoes!

So... to join in (and since she asked to see my shoes too) here's a little shot of my BPL collection...

it's obviously not anywhere near as impressive as Leah's, seeing as i only have 2 pairs of BPL shoes... but I luuuurve them both nonetheless

and here are a few more shots that Leah emailed me, of people all around the world that took part in this years BPL day...

some great shots right! she sent me 32 shots in all so i picked out my faves and posted them on here for your personal enjoyment...

sadly i never got any photos sent to me from any of YOU... but 

hopefully next year YOU can be a part of this too! 

anyway, big thanks to Leah for the photos and don't forget, if you want to find out more about BPL Day and BPL shoes in general, check out the facebook group here and become a member - THE NEW BPL SHOE GROUP

* * *

anyway in other news... i broke up for half term today which means NO college for a week! yaaaaay, good times!

so today i started a new little digital painting on photoshop just to try and get to grips with using the tools and having a go at various effects. it's JUST a test!

so using this extreeeeeeemely rough sketch

which is originally based on this super cute little image by 'zerosshadow' which i spotted whilst browsing on deviantART. see the original here on his super deviantART page - zerosshadow

however... if that watermark on the picture is anything to go by i have reason to believe this piece is actually by this person, but i can't find it on her site - Artwork by Gabrielle

anyway... this is what i've done so far...

now like i said... it's just a test so it's supposed to be all messy and rough, i'm still learning this stuff so... bear with me! oh i don't have a 'tablet' either (sadly) so this is taking me forever to work on! 

this is just a sort of 'under coat' as well (to use a painting term... indeed) so that's why there's hardly any shading or tone of any kind... it WILL be added at some point!

so hopefully i'll get her finished soon though there's no rush really since i have a WHOLE WEEK OFF COLLEGE!!!! 

not sure if i mentioned that... i'm a little bit excited about it! not sure if you can tell!

* * *

errrrgh! i feel sick with nerves and freaking out-ness (not gayness... whatever Mike thinks, that is NOT what i'm sick with! he clearly is... but i am not)

i just had to re-release our broadband since i accidentally used up all the 'allowance' for this month...

oh dear

bad skype... it's all your fault i swear!

anyway... that's £12 i'm never going to see again!

ergh! £12 for a week of internet... i am a complete and utter... idiot

i PROMISE it won't happen again (cross my heart!)

and on that note i'll say adieu

that's all folks...

◕‿◕ ★ xX