Friday 6 January 2012

super cute goodies ★

So lovely readers, as i may have mentioned over recent weeks, i've not been feeling overly bright and cheerful lately! 

it might have something to do with the endlessly gloomy weather we've been having, it might also have something to do with the cough i've had for the past four weeks, but whatever it is it's been getting me down in the dumps!

so imagine my delight when a big box of goodies from those lovely folks at Paperchase arrived on my doorstep! 

you all know what a HUUUGE Paperchase fan/addict i am! so if anything was going to maybe cheer me up, Paperchase was probably the place it would appear from!
now sadly there isn't a Paperchase store on the Isle of Man, so all of the stuff was sent over sharpish from Birmingham!

there's something so fun about receiving a BIG parcel in the post! even more so knowing that there's a big box of goodies that's been popped in the post JUST for you!

so what did i treat myself to?! well it was a mini heap of gorgeous goodies!

first up, there's this truly kawaii-tastic neoprene laptop sleeve for my trusty old macbook

and a too cute 'cloud' luggage tag for when i go on my travels!

also for my travels is this colourful passport cover since the cover i have at the minute has lasted me for a loooong time and has definitely seen better days!

there's also a v sweet mini notebook (with plain pages, of course... for my doodling needs!) + some jazzy stickers, SO CUTE!

+ a pack of cute, girly stickers which i intend to stick all over my college file holders + my logbook! they're so adorable...

and then there's the tins... now i don't know about you, but i just love cute little boxes and tins to keep all my crafty/arty bits n' bobs in! it keeps everything organized while maintaining that air of adorableness!

i couldn't pick just ONE tin... so i went for FOUR instead! aren't they great! so colourful, i can't wait to fill them with arty stuff! i'll sit them all on my desk, filled with bits n' bobs, perfect!

and that's it! well, for now anyway!

and do you know what... all of this stuff has cheered me up no end! what a great way to end a day at college + food shopping at Tesco! to come home and find all this waiting for me :)

* * *

in other news, i've been working away today on some new drawings for college + some groovy TOP SECRET stuff... but more about all that another time!

i'll be running the first Creative Café post of 2012 either tomorrow or Sunday

so until then, that's all folks... ◕‿◕ ★ xX