Saturday 18 April 2009

Scanner's ahoy!

I have barely been off my laptop today! after literal years of a 'scannerless' existance i FINALLY have one! and i didn't even need to buy it! i fixed my dad's old one (well, it's about 9 months old!) which i was previously 'forbidden' from using. so i have spent the day scanning in practically ALL of my illustrations which previously i had only managed to get onto my laptop by photographing them and editing them on paint (seriously!!!) so you'll understand why i'm soooo happy to be able to just scan them in and be done with it! :-D
so here is one of the finished Burlesque 'girls' scanned in, with perfect colour (no stupid camera screw-ups!) 

oh and btw, you can check out the rest of the 'girl' illustrations here at my new carbonmade account HERE :-D x  

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