Thursday 7 November 2013

What's this? What's this? There's colour everywhere...

What's this? a BLOG post?! surely not.
but yes, it is. it's been a year + one week since i last did a proper post on here and i thought, hhm... why not start again now! surely it's as good a time as any.

so why the sudden desire to inflict my opinions upon the world once more?
well for one, i was a smidge bored.
and for another reason, it's nearly Xmas time so i figured it might be nice to do a post about some of the lovely stuff i sell in my online shop, you know, as Xmas gift ideas for y'all

so here goes!

over the past year i've tried to expand my range of merchandise a little, so now i can offer even more funky stuff featuring my designs. here are a few of the things i think would make rather nice gifts for people you don't despise.

to start with, if you're in need a nifty stocking filler?! why not get them some groovy vinyl stickers to stick on their stuff - £2.50 for 3 
Set of 3 Vinyl Stickers

looking for something for the booklover in your life that isn't books?  then why not get them a bag that they can just carry their books in! + each bag comes with a free 38mm badge - tote bag £10
 All You Need Is Books - Cotton Tote Bag

know someone with an iPhone 4/4s, then maybe you could get them a quirky cover for their phone + each one comes with a free matching postcard - iPhone case £10

if they have a sweet tooth maybe they'd like one of these pastel pretty cupcake necklaces - necklace on chain £8.50
Pretty Cupcake Necklace

or if cupcakes aren't their thing, maybe try a Macaron pocket mirror instead. each mirror comes in a little organza bag to keep it scratch free - pocket mirror £3.50
Macarons Pocket Mirror
if they're particularly health conscious or the environmentally friendly sort then this set of bicycle postcards might be right up their street - His n' Hers Bicycle cards £1.75
His n' Hers Bicycles Postcard Double Pack

if you're really struggling to pick something then a surprise goodie bag is always a fun gift. Each one contains 8 lovely surprises all bundled up in a sealed dotty treat bag! the contents of each bag are worth anywhere between £12 to £20 but i'll be selling these special treat bags at a verrrrry tasty price - Marvellous Mystery goodie bags £10 each
Marvellous Mystery Goodie Bags

postcards can be nice framed so why not treat someone to a pair of funky folk art inspired designs - postcard pack £1.75
Folk Art Postcard Double Pack

really not sure what to get the person that has everything?! then a piece of original artwork could be the perfect gift! 100% hand painted and hand drawn by me - original painting on heart board £40
 + obviously there is heaps more lovely stuff in my Shop, lots of other tote bag designs + pocket mirrors, postcards, badges, necklaces, greetings cards and stickers galore.
go check it out.
but only if you want to!

anyway i think that's it for now, who knows, perhaps i will resume regular blog posts now. better later than never right?! 
we shall see.

until next time, cheerio folks xX