Tuesday 30 August 2011

Creative Café #12 ★

wowee is it time for another Creative Café post already?! well obviously it is otherwise why would i be sat here writing this...

anyway, today it's a post featuring a very talented British artist and illustrator Julie Fletcher based in Edinburgh, Scotland

remember my trip to Kinsale, Ireland a few weeks ago when i bought this pretty little print?! (read the original post here - Lovely Kinsale)

well as i mentioned at the time, the design was created by Julie so i figured i should email her and see if she'd be willing for me to share some more of her work with you all on here

she creates such colourful picture book illustrations, print and card designs, i love her style of illustration and all of her designs are so pretty and fun

her work is very sweet and i can see why it appeals to kids so much, her picture book characters look absolutely adorable!

i love the colours she uses in her work as well, so funky and bright, with cute little quirky details dotted about the place

anyway i always talk to much during these posts so i'll hush up now and let you look through some of her lovely work by yourself... enjoy!



isn't her work just divine! so cute and fresh, i love it!

you can check out Julie's fab website here - Julie Fetcher Illustrator

+ keep up to date with all her projects via her blog - Julie Fletcher

prints and cards featuring Julie's work are also available to buy via - James Ellis

and her latest picture book 'my first nursery rhyme treasury' is currently available to buy here - M&S

big BIG thanks to Julie for saying yes about the feature :) x

All images featured in this post belong to Julie Fletcher © do not claim, use, distribute, reproduce or trace ANY of her work without her written consent. All Rights Reserved.

* * *

that's it for today, look out for more Creative Café posts this week featuring some truly top notch creatives!

but until then, that's all folks... ◕‿◕ ★ xX

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