Wednesday 18 August 2010

a Disastrously Dull Day

It's not been the best of days today. A slow one for sure but still not altogether great. The plan was to drive around Co. Cork looking for cute little places to stop and have a wander around. What happened wasn't quite as idyllic.

This morning we drove to Bandon, I sat in the car.

Then to Crookstown, I sat in the car.

To Innascarra, where I sat in the car.

Then on to Macroom where I briefly nipped into a Dunnes to buy some bread... and a little handbag that was reduced to €2... BARGAIN!

Then we ended up near Blarney, where I considered going to kiss the Blarney stone. Legend says that those who kiss the stone are granted the gift of eloquence (aka the gift of the gab) but I think i'm already pretty eloquent enough!

If you're wondering why I sat in the car all day it's because I haven't been feeling very well. It's been a pretty crappy day in that sense.

But in a last ditch attempt to redeem myself this afternoon things have looked up ever so slightly. We got back to the hotel early so I could crawl back into bed feeling sorry for myself but an hour later I was up and raring to go. We (me + mum) popped into Cork city centre and headed STRAIGHT to Brown Thomas with one thing in mind.

I'm nearly all out of cash... sadly but mum bought a gorgeous DKNY T&C small shopper bag with a fabulous poppy printed silk scarf. I bought a similar scarf the other day but had to take it back to BT's because it had a snag in it... so not my fault! It was like it when I bought it so I got a full refund.

But... turns out, my mum was totally enamoured with the bag but she said the scarf wasn't her style so guess who's now the proud owner of it! ME ◕‿◕

I took a few snaps of the bag and then one of me with the scarf on. Don't worry... I don't actually plan to go out in public with the scarf on my head, it was just for fun (+ it was my mum's idea, she said that's how she used to wear scarves like that)

i'm still feeling a bit icky, gaaawd knows what's wrong with me! I'm going to curl up in bed and watch some 'Sherlock' and maybe work on a few illustration edits.

Apologies for the boringness of today's post, hopefully tomorrow, my last day here in Cork will be a little more fruitful and less malady strewn.

Byeee ◕‿◕ xX