Wednesday 15 September 2010

Blog... à la college ♥

so... third day back at college today (or second if you're me and you missed the actual second day because you were ill in bed watching 'the inbetweeners') and low and behold... I have discovered some freely available wi-fi in my HND room!

I brought my laptop in today because I had lots of things to print off but fyi... the epic colour printer in the graphics room is refusing to work for me! I tried 3 different iMacs but no, apparently it hates me.

So, sitting at my desk perusing the interweb instead. I'm probably not supposed to be on this wi-fi network but no-ones stopped me yet so I guess it's too late now! I'm going to have to limit myself to one laptop day a week or else i'll never get anything done! Saying that, I am genuinely sitting here doing some little pencil crayon colour tests on a few little sketched eyes/lips based on some images by the totally awesome artist Angelique Houtkamp. It'll all make sense soon (if i'm ever actually allowed to go ahead with this project that I intend to do) here's two of the images i've been sketching from.

supposedly some of my 'chums' are popping by to visit me today. Molly, Jenice (her name's Jeni but I call her Jenice... long story, you probably wouldn't get it), Mike and Jenny.
I really hope they do come and visit since they're all buggering off to uniland soon and I want to see them all before they go!

I've started to 'make myself at home' as well now. Dragged in a load of books and bits from my room to shove on my desk. So far we have: The Story of Art (aka my Art bible), latest issue of Vogue, Isms (awesome art history book), book on painting/drawing, big book of Gil Elvgren Pin-up paintings and a super duper book called '1000 Pin-up Girls'. So yeah, i'm starting to get a bit more settled in now. 
here are my luuuurvely booooooooks! 

My logbook is still empty though which is god awful and tragic! The tutors will not be best pleased with me but in my defence, I had three A3 contact sheets full of carefully sourced research images, all ready to print and oh... the printer's broken. Again. I'll do my best to get some stuff done at home tonight. My printer won't be up to that job but I should still be able to get some sketches done asap.

Blood tests tomorrow (oh noooooes) and they're at lunchtime as well! What a cruel twist of fate, blood tests in my lunch break. Now that's dedication to my course!!!

I probably won't post again later since i've done this sneaky one today
oh another thing, I may (or may not) be selling some little keyrings with my work on/in v soon in my etsy shop. It's not a definite thing yet but hopefully i'll have two or three of them up by the end of the week. 'watch this space dudes and dudettes'

that's all folks, lots o' luv from the Isle of Man College
♥ ◕‿◕ ♥