Friday 24 June 2011

★ Exhibition Times ★

so i'm really sorry that i haven't posted anything this week, if you follow me on Facebook or Twitter then you'll know that i've been v busy getting everything sorted for the college end of year exhibition

well it opened last night for the Private View and i'm glad to report that it was another super duper success for the college

this year has served up another amazing array of displays from the Art Block students, ranging from stunning fashion pieces, clever media and design, beautiful illustration as well as some gorgeous fashion photography

oh yeah, and my work was on display too . . .

and of course, none of you have seen the little paintings yet have you! well i managed to keep it quiet but basically i had a go at re-creating 4 of my polka dot candy squares only i used acrylic, permanent marker and teeny tiny sticky dots instead!

anyway, on with the actual display! everyone gets an average of 2 display boards each but most use up 3 or 4 or wall space if it's available

now as well all know i wasn't even planning on doing an exhibition but when i went into college on Tuesday morning my tutor Billee informed me that actually. . . i was!

Tuesday was a bit hectic gathering everything together + printing/foam boarding stuff but my whole exhibition was sorted and displayed by Wednesday afternoon, albeit only on 2 boards

it was actually loads of fun to put up! as you can see i utilized most of the handmade stuff i've made recently + some of my most recent work (and a few older bits) but i think the point was that it was all very 'me'

  i finished it completely the next morning by 11am and that was that. 

the show opened last night and is open for the next 2 weeks from 10am - 8pm in the IOM College art block, so if you live local and get a spare hour, head on up and have a nice look round all the displays.

in case you can't make it, or don't live on the island, i took the liberty of snapping a load of photos of some of my personal fave displays when i popped into college this afternoon while it was nice and quiet.

 enjoy . . .

but as if all that smashingly awesome work wasn't enough, Chelsea, the girl in the boards next to me did an amazing Pinup shoot, a gorgeous video + made a set of stunning retro inspired lingerie, an epic Pinup Calendar + a darling little apron

her photos and pieces were sublime but my crappy camera doesn't do them justice! what are the odds that my work would end up next to a pinup shoot though! we have this super duper girly little corner now it's fab!

i also want to show you my friend Quinn's adorable picture book illustrations, last year i did an almost identical project for my FMP so i definitely wanted to share her work with you all since it's so amazingly cute!

so sweet right! her characters are darling, i especially love 'Alo' and the Alo plush is sooooo cute! the font as well is great, i suggested this font to her since it's the font i've used for my new website and i'm so pleased that she chose to use it for her work!

there really REALLY is some amazing work on display this year, i definitely recommend a visit to the college if you can make it, fantastic stuff, i'm proud to be a part of it all!

PLEASE NOTE: the artwork/pieces in all the images used here belong to their respective owners. Do not claim, use, distribute, reproduce or trace any of the work shown here. All Rights Reserved 

* * *

in other news, well . . . there's plenty of 'other' news but i'm tired and this has been a long post so i'm going to go and relax for a bit, i'll post tomorrow, i have some fun stuff to tell you all

until then, that's all folks . . . ★ ◕‿◕ xX 

PS - my friend Alex is walking in the annual Parish Walk tomorrow to help raise money for various local charities, 
i donated some money just now and he played a lovely Mika song for me on his radio show earlier, 
so if you're feeling generous head over to his website and donate a pound or two, 
it's for some excellent causes: in aid of the Manx Radio Dream Catcher Appeal, Groudle Glen Railway and Crossroads Young Carers - Donate Now