Wednesday 5 October 2011

Gifts and Goodies ★

so today i worked on some new stuff at college + managed to decorate most of my desk board (photos tomorrow) 

and then after college i popped to Just Enough in Laxey (you can read more about this amazing shop here - Just Enough) to pick up some haberdashery bits

the very lovely and super duper Justine was there and as we got chatting i noticed that the absolutely gooooorgeous little Betty Boop figurines she stocks, were in the sale!!!!

i am a MASSIVE Betty Boop fan/collector, my room is full of Betty stuff (and i used to wear Betty Boop t-shirts/pyjamas/socks/handbags etc aaaalll the time when i was younger!) so i always have a look at the Betty stuff in Just Enough every time i visit

however... today i couldn't resist treating myself to a lovely little Diner Girl figurine!

isn't she divine! aaaaahhh i love it! not sure where i'll fit it in my room full of stuff but i'm sure i'll find a spot for her! you can see her here with one of her 'sisters' a lovely Betty Boop statuette (that my sister Nicola got me for my thirteenth birthday!!!)

while i was in the shop i also spotted this gorrrgeous polka dot apron (made by Justine herself) and knew i'd have to have it as well! 

it's just so pretty and ruffled and that darling ric-rac trimmed heart pocket... so cute!

we all know what a sucker i am for red and white polka dots!!! i couldn't resist... and i know, i know... i already have two lovely cooking aprons (including the gorgeous polka dot one my friend Charlotte got me for Xmas last year, see below ) but i just HAD to have this one as well!!!

* * *

anyway, once i got home it turned out there was an even bigger treat waiting for me!!!

my darling, wonderful, amazing Godmother Kath had sent me a little surprise...

a brand new Gucci Indy handbag!!! (squueeeeeeeeeeeee)

it is soooo beautiful!!! i love love LOVE it!

golly gosh she spoils me so much... 

those of you that follow the blog may remember the other Gucci Indy handbag she gave me on my last day of Summer term at college (read more here - Freedom at Last)

well i spent the whole summer with that bag on my arm so it looks like i'll be spending the Autumn/Winter using this new one!!!

this now brings my 'super duper bag' count to four! 

two ChloĆ© Paddington's and two Gucci Indy's

oh what a lucky duck i am!

* * *

in other news, i've been sewing stuff lately but i'll tell you all about that tomorrow! promise...

oh and i also set up a BRAND NEW deviantART page so if you're on DA be sure to go ahead and add me, i'll add you back of course! there aren't that many illustrations on there yet what with it being NEW and all but add me anyway you creative types- Jade Boylan on deviantART

right then, back tomorrow! so until then, that's all folks... ◕‿◕ ★ xX