Tuesday 15 November 2011

cupcakes and postcards ★

so i've been busy, busy, busy again today working away on commissions stuff! (which i'll tell you more about in a moment) but first i want to share a recent logo design with you all...

it's for a very groooovy Cupcake Business in Coventry... run by my lovely big sister Simone!

i did various logo, banner and blog designs for her before i popped over to Coventry the other week

she really does make truly scrumptious cakes and treats! 

anyway, while i was there i ran up a design for some business cards! she sent me a few in the post so i can put some in my logbook for college

don't they look fab! i'm very proud of her for doing all this and she's soooo good at baking delicious cakes and sweets that i've always said she should be selling/making them professionally!

you can see more of her cakes on the Facebook Page - Foxy's Fancies

+ be sure to check out the blog too - Foxy's Blog

there's also a Twitter page - @foxysfancies

* * *

something else arrived in the post as well, some brand new promotional postcards for me to hand out at craft fairs and the like

these aren't to sell though obviously, the idea is that if anyone buys anything from my etsy shop, they get a nice sugar skull sticker + one of these with their order, so that's the ONLY way to get hold of one! :)

anyway back to commissions, last week i was asked to design an Irish Pin-up girl tattoo for a lovely local client

it was great to get back to drawing a Pin-up and was especially awesome since she had to be Irish themed!

this is the finished (coloured) design for the tattoo artist to work from. i can't wait to see what it looks like tattooed properly!

* * *

a separate commission has had me drawing all manner or vintage type things recently as well, here are some caps of how the flyer is currently progressing...

shame i STILL can't seem to draw guys! but oh well!

* * *

i can't think of anything else to tell you all, i'm back at college tomorrow morning then i have a business meeting in the afternoon so lots to be getting on with i guess!

so until next time, that's all folks... ◕‿◕ ★ xX