Thursday 9 June 2011

Creative Café #2 ★

short but sweet post today. . .

ok folks, it's time for another Creative Café post so get your cup of tea/coffee/juice/whatever ready and settle down for some more creative goodness

today's post is all about the fabulous Lisa Procter aka Pennycones

she's a British fashionista/maker who sells and buys the most glorious vintage clothing 

and she also makes exquisite little handmade goodies and garments using vintage fabrics

i'm an especially big fan of her gorgeous little handmade bow ties

and as we all know, bow ties don't necessarily have to be worn around your neck! (remember the Lanvin bow tie that i wore as a headband?! - Brilliant Birmingham)

they're so cute though aren't they! a very lovely and very versatile little accessory

her etsy shop is chock full of all manner of vintage goodies

as well as some really gorgeous handmade stuff


 she also makes the most adorable dresses for toddlers and little girls, they are just so cute!

as if all that wasn't enough, there's even the odd super duper vintage item floating about her shop as well

aaah it's all so lovely! don't you just love it all!!! 

anyway, to check out Lisa's lovely website click this link - Pennycones

to read her blog + see more of her lovely handmade bits and bobs click here - the pennycones

to follow her on twitter - @pennycones

to 'Like' her on facebook - pennycones fan page

and last of all, most importantly, if you want to treat yourself to one of her darling handmade bow ties or outfits, or something vintage, check out her etsy shop here - Pennycones

big thanks to Lisa for letting me feature her stuff here, all images belong to her, do not claim, use, distribute, reproduce or trace any of the images without her written consent. All Rights Reserved.

* * *

well there you go, hope you enjoyed that, like i said it won't always be an illustrator or a painter that gets a 'creative café' feature, it might be an aspiring fashion designer, a graphic design student, a fine artist, an embroiderer or any other creative type!

stay tuned for the next post though, it's all about a fabulous photographer

that's all folks . . . ◕‿◕ ★ xX