Saturday 4 July 2009

well, well, well...

It hardly seems possible but it's true, i've finished my first year of the National Diploma in Art and Design at College. It has literally flown by and now I find myself faced with a seemingly endless summer (good times). On Monday i'll start my (lengthy) journey driving down through England and France to Andorra. So this means that sadly I won't be able to make any updates due to the total lack of internet access at the house in Andorra, but it also means that I will have lots of time to draw, so should come back with loads of new pictures! We were also given our College Summer projects, we can do the on basically whatever we want, so thus far, mine pretty much consistes of Fashion illustration and Graphic design. Anyway, i'd best go, lots to pack etc. lots o' luv :-D x

ps: please check out my Facebook Fan Page here (now finally up and running) and why not take a look at my latest attempt at a website here, it isn't anywhere near finished, but it's a start! my friend Kyren has kindly set up my own wordpress site, but I haven't really had time to work out how to use it yet! when i do, i'll post a link :-D x

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