Wednesday 31 October 2012

Happy Hop Tu Naa

what's this... a blog post?! surely not :O

yeah it sure has been a while since i last posted huh! i'm not sure why but this year all of my blogging 'get up and go' has just leapt out the window without a goodbye or an explanation!

also, for those of you not in the know, this September i started my FINAL year at college, so in just over 6 months time i will (hopefully!) graduate with a BA in Fine Art

this means that i have even less time than i had before to try and whip up the occasional blog post. yeeeks! i will try though. even if it's just one a month O.o

anyway, today is Halloween! or, if you're from the Isle of Man (like me!) it's Hop Tu Naa

but wherever you are + whatever you're up to today, have a nice day ok :D

so since it is Halloween and all that jazz, here's a little Halloween inspired illustration + some close up details of bits n' bobs, enjoy...

after all, what would Halloween be without stripey witch socks and bright orange converse!

and big helium filled balloons covered in spiders

oh and don't forget your book of magical spells! 

 or a skull-tastic pirate dress!

 and since i made the pic of the girls into a cover photo for my Facebook Fan Page, this little guy needed a quick makeover to match as well

so what else?! well, i STILL don't have an iPhone but i do have a swish new iPod touch so i'm now on instagram! yay! so if any of you fancy witnessing even more of my daily insanity follow @jade_boylan

so what do i post pictures of?! well i'm glad you asked...

some of you may remember that around this time last year i took my two darling nieces to see Ghostbusters on the big screen at a cinema in Coventry, (if not, check out the old post HERE)

well... much to my fangirl delight, this year it was on at a local cinema here on the Isle of Man so i got to go and see it again :D IT WAS BRILLIANT! obviously. so of course everything had to be Ghostbusters themed for the days leading up to it :)

also, the day i went to see it, the local council was encouraging people to dress up for Halloween, so naturally i spent the day wearing these!

i also recently posted this sneaky peek of some newly packaged items that might be going on sale soon. watch this space!

i'm also very pleased to announce that some of my designs, merch and handmade goods are now for sale at Mostly Manx in Douglas :)

oh and one final thing before i go...

 since it's Halloween, i'm currently offering 20% off all orders in my Etsy Shop! no tricks, just treats…

just use code TREAT31 at the checkout :)

so that's it, for now! farewell dearhearts xX