Wednesday 1 April 2009

Countdown to the Easter break

well what was only one full week (to go before i break-up for Easter) has suddenly (and scarily) become only 2 days! and i am now panicking even more!, ok so i have got some things finished; my teapot, money box and pot are all done for my ceramics class, my 'rave' themed photo shoot went AMAZINGLY well! i even got to shoot it at a nightclub ;-D, i also made a 'bin-bag ball-gown' for a 'wearable art' fashion show in my Textiles class as well as all the jewellery to go with the rest of the classes outfits for the show, i am designing and illustrating a 'cancer awareness' poster in my Graphics class, i successfully finished BOTH of my handmade spoons for 3D (check out the rainbow beaded spoons on my Deviant art profile asap) however it's not all good news as i STILL haven't finished all the pages for my children's book!!!! aggghhhh i am seriously panicking about that like a loon! guess i'm gonna have to grovel and beg my teachers for some understanding! oh well, wish me luck! l2a xxx :-D

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