Friday 19 August 2011

Rainy Waterford ★

today i've been wandering around Waterford (in the rain...)

Waterford is a great city, lots to see, especially the architecture! i spotted some gorgeous buildings today while i was out strolling around in my winter boots and trenchcoat with my polka dot umbrella!

i also spotted some brilliant graffiti art on Michael street in the City centre

it's been a few years since i last visited Waterford so i was looking forward to visiting some stores i remembered from my last visit but today i found the most amazing little vintage clothes shop!!!

it's only been open for a few months so i'm verrrry glad that i found it today!

i spotted this beautiful pink dress in the window and knew i'd have to go in for a closer look! and boy am i glad i did!!!

Vintage Trig really is an amazing little treasure trove of vintage goodies!

the shop is full of the most gorgeous dresses and accessories from several decades + i spotted the most adorable pairs of vintage Gucci, Christian Dior, BCMG Max Azria, Salvatore Ferragamo and Miu Miu shoes!

there are pretty dresses, handbags, scarves, hats and accessories from the 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's and 80's dotted about all over the place! 

even the wallpaper is brilliant! well you know what a sucker i am for a funky retro interior!!!

but as if all that vintage loveliness wasn't enough! you can also get your hands on the most exquisite hand crafted fascinators and boleros made by local based Irish Aunt and Niece, design duo, Ger and Yvonne better known as the brand 'Bonzie'

stunning stuff!!!

you can check out the amazing 'Bonzie' website here - Bonzie

unsurprisingly as well, the dresses on sale in the shop look even more amazing on! check out these 3 shots from the store's brilliant website 

soooo fabulous!

the shop is owned by the very fabulous and very lovely Agnes, here she is posing by some of the vintage gowns on offer in her gorgeous shop!

unfortunately i'm only in Waterford overnight, tomorrow i'm heading off to Dublin! but i will DEFINITELY be back even if it's just to go and visit 'Vintage Trig' again!

be sure visit the super duper Vintage Trig website and online shop here - Vintage Trig

+ read about the Irish vintage fashion and decor fair at the Royal Marine Hotel in Dun Laoghaire (where i stayed last August!) here on Agnes' blog - Vintage Trig Blog

oh and go and 'Like' the shop's Facebook fan page - Vintage Trig

or follow via Twitter to keep up to date with new vintage arrivals - @vintagetrig

massive MASSIVE thanks to the lovely Agnes for letting me snap some photos of her lovely shop, she is very super duper! so Agnes, if you're reading this, it was lovely to meet you, i LOVE your shop and i love how enthusiastic you are about vintage fashion! and thank you for letting me bombard the shop and take photos :) x

* * *

now i may have mentioned once or twice before that i'm rather partial to reading... yeah i think i've mentioned it!

anyway, another reason that i wanted to come back to Waterford was because it has what can only be described as quite possibly one of THE grooviest book shops that i've ever visited!!! and trust me... i've travelled the world visiting book stores so this is no exaggeration!

the 'Book Centre' in Waterford is based in the old Savoy Cinema and from the outside it looks like any other little high street book shop, but when you go inside... it's magic!

the place is like a tardis! you go in and it's just massive in there! and there are shelves full of books everywhere!!! it isn't hard to see why i love it so much...

the shop is just brilliant to walk around, shelves are lined up in curves and dips, up stairs, on balconies, in the shadow of a massive floor to ceiling mural painted over where the old cinema screen would have been! it's incredible

winding staircases just go up and up taking you to the Art book section + a big stationary/art supplies store in the higher mezzanine levels!

i LOVE it!

also, the lovely shop assistant that served me (i bought some arty materials... surprise, surprise!) was also telling me all about the recent Tall Ships festival in the city + recommended some great sounding café's and restaurants! so thanks to him for that :)

but to be honest now i'm kind of gutted that i was only here for a day! it sucks to be honest, i'd love another couple of days here, not that i'm not looking forward to Dublin (of course i am!!!) it's just that one day isn't nearly enough time to have a proper look round + i never got chance to visit any of the places people recommended i visit!

sorry Waterford... i'll try and come back soon for a PROPER visit!

* * *

so yesterday i didn't blog because i felt poorly in the evening so i shall recap you now! 

in the morning we set off for Waterford...

it started out a lovely sunny day so we stopped for breakfast (well... brunch!) at a gorgeous little bistro/café

it had the cutest tablecloths and tableware! check out these plates!!!

there were stacks of freshly made cakes, loaves and scones so i picked a fruity scone + some delicious red gooseberry jam! YUMMMMY

+ a spot of 'proper' breakfast!

anyway, after that we went to Lismore for a bit since i just LOVE Lismore!!! it's one of my fave little towns in Ireland after i stayed there for a few days during my last trip to Co Waterford a few years ago

unfortunately it was raining so i couldn't snap any photos! so to make-do... here's a shot of me in the park there last year + a photo of the very VERY beautiful Lismore Castle!

* * *

well not much else to report for now! as i said i'm heading into Dublin tomorrow for a few days so expect a bit of a moan about how i want EVERYTHING in the flagship Brown Thomas on Grafton Street!!!

so until then, that's all folks... ◕‿◕ ★ xX