Monday 5 September 2011

Creative Café #13 ★

hi-de-hi lovely readers! apologies for how quiet i've been over the past few days, i've been rindonkulously busy working on comissions + helping out in the grand spring (summer... autumn?!) clean of Casa Boylan!

the house is particularly spic-and-span now though so i figured it was about time i posted a lovely new Creative Café feature!

it's a super duper one today so go on, go and get your tea/coffee/juice box

grab a biscuit (or two, or the tin...) maybe get some cake or if you're feeling healthy, grab some fruit!

settle down and prepare to be delighted by the very fabulous and very darling 'Dupenny'

now for some inexplicable reason, i only discovered the sheer brilliance that is 'Dupenny' last week when i received an email from a lovely lady named Emma who suggested that i take a look at 'Dupenny' since she thought i might appreciate it...

and boy was she right!!! i'd barely spent five minutes on the site before i'd emailed Emma, who works for 'Dupenny' back and BEGGED her to let me do a full feature on the brand here on my blog.

luckily... she said yes! and i'm glad that she did because i just know that you are all going to LOVE the Dupenny stuff!!!

so what is it all about?! i hear you cry...

well, Dupenny was founded in 2009 by Emily Dupen-Hopkins, and is based by the sea in Brighton, UK.

apparently, the super duper people that work there "spend days thinking up curious themes, doodling pretty pictures and above all loving what they do"

well i don't know about you, but sounds like the most perfect job in the world to me!!!

all i know is that i am in LOVE with everything on the Dupenny website and am now pretty adamant that i need their wallpaper in just about EVERY room in my house!!!
their designs are just incredible! the most gorgeously illustrated pinup and burlesque type girls, housewives and fashionistas covering cushions, plates and the walls! i love it all!!!

"Dupenny’s products continue to be delivered to the highest of standards. Their luxurious wallpaper is digitally printed onto top grade paper, which benefits from a double-coated finish, resulting in the highest quality and providing protection against general wear and tear. With a light wipe down, any marks caused by grubby little hands can be effortlessly removed. And it gets better - Dupenny wallpaper is a paste-the-wall product so there’s no need to get messy. This simple application process beats the old fashioned method of pasting the paper without a doubt"

"With recent requests for their exquisite wallpaper and cushions from two of London’s most prestigious department stores, Liberty and Fortnum & Mason, Dupenny’s designs are now sitting comfortably amongst some of the world’s most celebrated designers and are almost certain to stand out on the shelves"
well we all know i like to badger on and on in these posts so i'll hush up now while you look through some of the fabulous items Dupenny have to offer...

isn't it all so fabulous!!! and oh my golly gosh do i want it all! YESYESYES!

Dupenny is the kind of brand that i can only dream of one day having and i hope that someday my illustrations and designs will be available on wacky wallpapers, comfy cushions and awesome aprons too! 

so it's safe to say that the geniuses behind Dupenny officially just became my new idols!!!

to see the full range of gorgeous homewares and wallpapers, or to treat yourself to a little something, head on over to the super Dupenny website here - Dupenny

you can also follow them on Twitter - @Dupenny

+ 'Like' them on Facebook - Dupenny

there's also a fab blog to keep up to date with new designs and products - Dupenny Blog

Dupenny will also be at Goodwood Revival,  from the 16th-18th of September

massive MASSIVE thanks to the lovely Emma for emailing me in the first place + for saying yes about the feature and big thanks to the fabulous Emily for setting up such a wonderful brand in the first place! :) x

All images featured in this post belong to Dupenny © do not claim, use, distribute, reproduce or trace ANY of their work without their express written consent. All Rights Reserved.

* * *

in other news... well i haven't left the house in well over a week so actually there IS no other news!!!

come on... what did you expect from a boring recluse like me!

hopefully i'll find something to do this week and then i can tell you all about it!!!

so until then, that's all folks... ◕‿◕ ★ xX