Tuesday 1 March 2011

Sunshine and Stuff ★

so not that much to report today really, I still feel ill, finished reading my new book today, watched a movie or two...

i've also been writing my picture book related essay all day like a good little art student!

i'm still stuck at home although i have to say, the weather today has been divine!!

in fact it was so nice today it even lured me outside for a little walk around the garden, i mean just look at that cloudless blue sky...

it was still ruddy cold though! look, this pond had even iced over! 

apart from that it was genuinely nice to see some sunshine

and for once, there was virtually no wind! and trust me, normally it's almost always blowing a gale here on the Isle of Man!!!

there was barely even enough breeze to stir the Manx Flag!!!

anyway on with the actual point of today's post...

I have some new business cards!!!

these little lovelies arrived while I was away in Coventry so I was delighted to find them waiting for me when I got home on Saturday night

aren't they adorable! I still adore my old business cards (see below) but these are just so swishy and super

there's only a dozen of them seeing as they're more of an experiment really, i just wanted to see what they'd look like but the quality is gorgeous with a lovely silky finish! you can see how the old one and the new ones compare here as well

I picked my picture book pages for the designs so that whoever I pass them along to can have a teeny tiny little bit of pretty picture book fabulousness in their pocket

i'll be throwing one of these new business cards in with the giveaway bundle + a niiiiice quality A5 sized 'lollipop' print of the winners choice (from this selection... oh and the A5 print won't have the signature in the corner either)
that means that the winner of the giveaway will be the first person in the whole wide world to receive one of these limited little business cards!!!

obviously there are some 'proper' prizes up for grabs as well! 

there's been precisely 26 entries so far so it's not like you'd be up against an awful lot of people if you entered now... (added incentive!!!)

There are precisely 10 days left to enter so you know... get entering!!! - 

* * *

also on a slightly random note, i added a pair of angel wings to one of my pinup girls...

don't ask! i watched 'Dogma' last night for the first time in ages (it's one of my fave 90's films) so i wondered what one of my pinup's would look like as an angel

and yes i know... she looks weird!

end of random post!

* * *
that's it for today, i'm now going to head off and write a little more for my essay + maybe start reading a new book

who knows!

that's all folks...

◕‿◕  xX

ps - no-one told me which country i have to do a farewell to next so for now the multilingual farewells are on hold! any suggestions would be awesome x