Monday 14 March 2011

College, Cupcakes and La Catrina ★

so today i went back to college seeing as i only managed to make it in for one day last week! 

i spent the day working on some new stuff including a sort of 'la Catrina' + dia de los muertos inspired pin-up girl 

initially inspired by the Calavera de la Catrina 

she's also based on one of the 666 photography shoots i wrote a little about in this post - Curvy Corsets & Pretty Pinup Photography

i've used an old lingerie pin-up girl from a commission as the base

 and started adding Catrina/sugar skull style make-up and tattoos using the sugar skull design i drew out the other day

still can't make up my mind about the colours though...

and i keep mixing it all up

i'm sure i'll work out how to fix her eventually!

* * *

i also painted my nails today (who knew this post would be SO interesting...) 

i used the new Barry M 'nail effects' varnish i bought during my trip to Coventry a few weeks ago

i hadn't used it until today but it works really well! makes the most awesome crackled patterns on your nails! can highly recommend it to you all...

* * *

oh as well as the Catrina style girly i also started a new embroidery piece today,

they're legs by the way... bizarre i know but i never said i was a good sewer or embroiderer!!!

seeing as this is my first EVER attempt at hand sewn applique it's bound to be rubbish though... right?!

ah it's a work in progress anyway and still has a LOOOONG way to go!

 it's supposed to be an embroidered + appliqued version of this

only time will tell as to whether or not i succeed...

* * *

in other news, my mum came home today with a goodie bag of... goodies for me from town

i absolutely loathe Monday's (who doesn't...) so it was extra awesome of her to gather this stuff for me today

we have...

a cute mini kokeshi doll...

...that opens up into a lipgloss!!!

+ a pack of yummy strawberry cupcake scented mini-wipes (genius!!!)

awesome sets of earrings

totally awesome in fact...

and last but not least, a REAL cupcake...

so cute (not to mention downright delicious) 

isn't she a total star! thanks mum x

* * *

s'all for today, i need some food now seeing as i haven't had any breakfast or lunch to speak of...

until next time

that's all folks...

◕‿◕ xX