Sunday, 11 April 2010

Week of Blogging - Day 7

what... has it been a week already! apparently it has, and here we are at the last day of my 'week of blogging'

so after yesterday's shoddy lack of pictures i stayed true to my word and have a new illustration to post.

somehow, despite the unusual abundance of ridiculously gorgeous weather that we have on the Isle of Man at the moment, i managed to create a new picture today whilst sitting on the grass in the sunshine

she's inspired by a photo of the fabulous Pinup model Bernie Dexter wearing a gorgeous dress from

now i'm not too sure about the face, i drew it the same way i drew the one for my 'what are you looking at girl' (see day 5 of my week of blogging) but i don't know if i like it...

but a promise was a promise so here's the picture

as per usual... for a larger view of her follow this LINK

gawd knows when i'll post a new blog, after a solid week i think i've had enough for a while!

peace out dudes and dudettes


Saturday, 10 April 2010

Week of Blogging - Day 6

aaaggghhh no picture today!

i have had the most pointlessly lazy day ever! i didn't even get up until gone 11am! i would have drawn something tonight (i have about 4 unfinished sketches stuck to my radiator... that's where i keep the drawings i'm working on) but my friend hayley is picking me up at 6 to go car hunting.

i will try my absolute best to get an illustration ready to post tomorrow. i PROMISE

right, arrivederci mia amicas and amicos


Friday, 9 April 2010

Week of Blogging - Day 5

TGI Friday! hooray friday at last! i had a lovely visit from my friends molly and mike today so i was busy this morning cleaning and tidying then i spent the afternoon with them so... not much time for drawing today! however, i managed to draw a new 'girl' just before Ashes to Ashes started (gotta love that show, gotta love the 80's music!)

she's based on a fabulous dress from 'Carmelita Couture' (aka Carmelita Martell) my new favourite designer!

check out her fabulous website here - Carmelita Couture

here's a link to the dress i decided to have a go at drawing - sequin dress
i tried something new with the face for this one, it's quite different to my usual style, it's the same kind of thing i did for my Alice illustration the other day. for a larger view of the girl click HERE

she probably isn't finished properly but it's late and i'm watching Doctor Who so i can't be bothered any more


Thursday, 8 April 2010

Week of Blogging - Day 4

once again this is a late blog, i got distracted this morning listening to Italian opera, and then this evening watching 'Gladiator' (i'm slowly making my way through all the old DVD's i rediscovered whilst cleaning my room) which is a truly EPIC film, anyway i haven't been feeling too creative today, i spent most of the day tidying up, i've got some friends coming to visit me tomorrow, i haven't seen a single person for 2 days so i'm beginning to lose the plot slightly!

anyway this is what i ended up doing this afternoon after i went for a walk. for a while now i've been contemplating buying a Pullip doll. they fascinate me, i absolutely LOVE them, well... most of them anyway. however i don't love their price tags!

the drawing i ended up doing is based on a photo of a cute doll off, i can't remember the name or year of the doll but it was in my head so i drew it regardless. initially i had a go at colouring the drawing in a sort of disney inspired style (which i quickly abandoned). i admire people that can do it, i however cannot as you can see here! by the way neither of these are finished but this is a week of blogging so i HAVE to post something every single day! i HATE the eyes but like i said... i had to post something!

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Week of Blogging - Day 3

so... today i was officially abandoned for the week by my dear parents who have decided to swan off to Lisbon without me! it's ok... it was my idea actually! hahaha

this morning i put my Alice in Wonderland fan arts on hold for a bit and ended up drawing a new girl in the same sort of style i drew 'my Alice' in yesterday, she's based on a photo of an amazing little doll i saw a while ago, i can't remember where the doll is from but it was so pretty!

anyway this is what i drew today, i've decided to call her Evie, i guess she's also supposed to be loosely based on a character from one of my own books. that's all i'm saying though, you're not getting any of the story! follow this LINK for a larger view of her.


Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Week of Blogging - Day 2

have i gone mad?

I'm afraid so, you're entirely bonkers! But I'll tell you a secret... all the best people are!

i honestly haven't a clue why i decide to blog so late in the day!

anyway today i spent the day drawing a few random things as well as a couple of Alice in Wonderland Fan Arts. i started off attempting to draw the Tim Burton versions...

but they really, really didn't look right! god knows i tried, but to no avail it seems! then i had a go at drawing Alice from the SyFy miniseries but she didn't really look like your typical Alice in Wonderland! so instead i ended up drawing MY own version of Alice. i guess she's kind of a mix between Disney Alice's old and new, well sort of...

i'll let you make up your own mind about her! my friend mike has been the testing platform for this particular illustration (i kept sending him screencaps of my progress as i coloured her) but i'm glad to report that he seemed to like her, so i hope you will too!

follow this LINK for a larger view of her.

my Alice

Monday, 5 April 2010

Week of Blogging - Day 1

ok so i know i said i'd blog every day but technically there are still about 14 mins left of today so... it's officially STILL Monday!

i actually had a whole load of fan arts planned for today but due to unforeseen circumstances (aka my mum bossing me about) i ended up spending the day cleaning and tidying instead!

TOMORROW i shall spend the day drawing! and possibly watching old Rodgers and Hammersteins musicals on DVD (during my tidy up i may have re-discovered a heap of old DVD's otherwise lost to the mess of my room!)

right, bed time now!

tomorrows blog shall include pictures... and THAT is a promise!

:-) xXx