Tuesday 3 November 2015

Support your local Girl Gang ♥

that's right folks, i'm back again at long last, after a quiet week spent making things and reading books 84 and 85 of my 2015 reading challenge!But because I love you all, today I took some time out of burying my nose in book number 86 to stop by and put together a quick post for your delectation...

anyway, today I want to share my brand new Girl Gang patches with you all!


that's right, I finally got some PROPER patches made, featuring one of my Candy Doll Club designs. The woven patches were professionally made in the UK and they are so NICE! I really love them, i'm super pleased with how they turned out, the detail is really good!

since my work is ALL about Girl Power, the design features a mix of cosmetics and weapons, perfect for any aspiring Girl Gang leader or member. And naturally it all comes woven in pretty pastel colours!


The design is a slightly tweaked version of the one I designed for circle stickers back in May this year.



As this was my first foray into patch design, I wasn't sure how they would turn out; I had visions of them being illegible or wonky or something. But considering the intricacies of the actual design, it turned out really well as a woven patch! And the patches look PERFECT on my Girl Gang vest (if you're surprised that I own one then you really don't know me at all...)

The Girl Gang vest is a constant work in progress but i've already amassed a pretty sweet collection of patches from some of my fave Girl Gang artists and designers including a bunch of my own designs as well, because if I can't self-promote on my own clothing then where can I?!

I'm really happy with how people have been responding to the patches, so far i've had 100% positive feedback from Candy Dolls all over the world and I sent out the first batch of orders earlier today. If you think you'd like to add one of my patches to your collection, or you know someone who might like them, they're available to buy HERE + I send out cute freebies with every order!

* * *

in other news, it was Hop-Tu-Naa (or Halloween, if you prefer) this past weekend, and of course I got dressed up and walked around town like a prat! BECAUSE IT IS TRADITION!

 Unsurprisingly I dressed up as a Ghostbuster (just like last year) only this year I updated my outfit to include a skirt + some other additions, so I guess I went out as a sort of retro style Ghostbuster, complete with voluminous petticoat, customised converse shoes, epic back patch, personalised name tag + an official Ghosbusters trainee ID badge!

To my surprise (and delight) when I met my friends in town for lunch it turned out that my friend Simon had dressed up for Halloween as well. So he was the Babadook while I was a slightly terrified trainee Ghostbuster! Simon's costume was a hit with shoppers in Strand Street, he scared a few small kids, one boy high-fived him and some women even stopped to have their photo taken with him.

I have to admit that I was a bit disappointed by how few people had bothered to dress up this year, considering Halloween fell on a Saturday i'd expected to find town full of people in costumes. As it was there were plenty of kids dressed up but very few adults. We did bump into a group of teenagers dressed as a whole host of brilliant characters including the Doctor (from Doctor Who...), the Joker and Harley Quinn AND Supergirl + Ash from Pokemon and a few others that even I'm not geeky enough to know!

here's a close up of my 'uniform'. All I need now is a proton pack, PKE meter and ghost trap and i'll be all set!

here's hoping that next year more people dress up so I don't look like such an eejit wandering around in costume!

and on that note i'll say goodbye for now.
So until next time, cheerio and thanks for reading!