Tuesday 14 September 2010

Doctors, Designers and Disney ♥

So yesterday was my very first day back at college. I eventually made it in at about 10:30am (only an hour-and-a-half late, oh well) because I was so ill in the morning. It was nice to get back, though it's so weird being there without my 'crew' (ahahaha I couldn't even type that with a straight face) but it'll all be fine I know that. Met the rest of the HND's, they seem like a smashing bunch of dudes and dudettes, we'll all be together for the next 2 years so i'm lucky that they're all so nice.

I've got my own desk in the HND room which is awesomeness personified as far as i'm concerned! The best part of FMP on the ND was getting your own desk for 6 weeks. Now I have one for 2 years. Good times! Not much to report from yesterday though, it was a bit of an admin day I guess, filling in forms, sorting timetables, meeting everyone, getting more info about the course etc etc. to be honest I spent most of the day sat at my desk flicking through the latest issue of Vogue and making a list of handbags i'd like. That aside though I did actually make lists about what i'd like to do first as a HNDer. Gawd knows what i'll pick though!

Today I got up raring to go to collegio... but fate stepped in and effectively whacked me in the face with a frying pan. no... not literally!
So i'm stuck at home feeling rotten for missing my second day but not as rotten as I feel with this stupid bloody illness. I finally stopped being a wimp and went to the Doctor's this morning. Blood tests tomorrow (hopefully) which will finally work out what the hell is wrong with me. Fingers crossed.

I'm at home now watching yet another Studio Ghibli animation, it's 'Nausicaa- Valley of the Wind' today. Another of my faves. Ah hell, they're all my faves, who am I kidding!

So seeing as I was off college today I had another go at working on the 'Girl' illustration I gave you a glimpse of in my last post. She's still not 100% finished but i've had enough if it for now. Here she is...
so i'll explain it shall I?! Earlier this year, before I started FMP my fashion tutor Billee showed me a clip on youtube of a fabulous looking catwalk show. The clip wouldn't load completely so when I got home I watched the entire show in full online. Then I watched it again. The show in question was the A/W 2010 couture collection by Ziad Ghanem. The whole show has this incredible vibe to it. A little bit burlesque and a whole lot fabulous! Not only were the clothes utterly gorgeous, the soundtrack was also amazing, fitting the show perfectly. It was also refreshing to see a show filled with models of all shapes and sizes both male and female. 

this is the shot i based my illustration on. and just look at the back of the dress as well! such a gorgeous gown

here's his amazing website - http://ziadghanem.co.uk/

note also: The shoes in the show were made by the super duper shoe designer Georgie Bee who also modelled in the show. I've been a fan of her shoes for years now since I discovered some of her shoe photos on flickr. This illustration I did about 2 years ago is based on her fabulous 'caterpillar shoe' and the photo below it is of her modelling in Ziad's show.

anyway back to the point... The show finished with the drop-dead-gorgeous Burlesque star Immodesty Blaize wiggling up and down the catwalk to 'Habanera' from Carmen. Hence the girl illustration above and this little paper doll i made for my fashion logbook. The doll is a bit messy + her face is rubbishly drawn but after all, it's the clothes that count right?!

I've listed all 3 parts of the show below. The vids are fantastic quality and I definitely recommend a watch of them. The epic grand finale starring Immodesty Blaize is in 'PART 3' in case you just want to see that. Once you've watched it, the paper doll will make sense I promise!

PART 3 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PYwfAjElnJ4&feature=related

The show is truly epic, so is the collection. Right i've rambled on for long enough now, it's time for a simmer down. Off to watch the rest of 'the Princess and the Frog' because nothing makes you feel better than curling up to watch an animated Disney film... FACT!

Laters dudes and dudettes