Saturday 10 September 2011

Vintage Times ★

so today i got a little email linking me to a lil' blog feature/mention from one of my recent clients

over the past few weeks i've been working on (and off due to the trip to Ireland) some flyer designs for a verrrrry groovy Vintage shop in York, England.

originally i was just commissioned to create a flyer for a Vintage home show but since then i've worked on some advertisement designs for them + a new flyer design for the Vintage Emporium in York

anyway, this is the front and back of the postcard sized flyer...

but there's also been a flyer for a Vintage Home and Fashion show, coming up soon in York (25th September at the York Barbican)

and a slightly tweaked version for the adverts for the Jukebox Jive Show and Vintage Explorer Magazine

i've really enjoyed this commission, it's given me the chance to draw some wonderful things + have a go at the sort of designs i've never really done before!

there's just one design left for me to finish and that's a flyer design for a Vintage Home Show, but it's a WIP until the venues for the show are sorted

so that's that! now you know what i'm up to when i say "i'm busy working on commissions blah blah blah"

BIG thanks to the lovely Lizzie for letting me know about the shop's blog feature, you can check out the original post here - Vintage Emporium - Talent Spotting

and of course, massive thanks to the super duper Keeley for commissioning me to create these designs in the first place!!! 

she has been a wonderful client and a pleasure to work with! :)

be sure to check out the Vintage Emporium's website too for more vintage loveliness - Vintage Emporium

and for more info about the upcoming Vintage shows, be sure to visit - Discover Vintage

Keeley also organizes Vintage Wedding Fairs so for more info about them - The Vintage Wedding Fair

+ here's a little video by pearls and lace films explaining what the Fair is all about... (loving the music in the vid!!!)

the next Wedding Fair is on the 18th September at the St George Hotel, Harrogate

i really REALLY wish i could go!!! mainly because it looks so amazing... but also because i've stayed in Harrogate before and it's a lovely place! 

i'm sure it will be a super duper day regardless and looks a definite 'must visit' for anyone living in or around York

* * * 

so this is my last weekend before i head back to College!!! the Summer has flown and although i've enjoyed working at home on commissions all Summer, i'm kind of looking forward to getting back into some new work at college!

i've got all sorts of new ideas i want to try out so be sure to expect a few 'desk' blog posts over the coming weeks!

+ i've a few creative cafĂ© posts to do next week 

so until next time, that's all folks...  ◕‿◕ ★ xX