Sunday 1 May 2011

ribbon rosettes and Pepe Lapin ♥

Hello there sweeties!

Right so . . . I did it again didn't I! disappeared for a few days etc etc

But like always I have a very good excuse

i've been busy making some more ribbon rosettes. I think i've moved on from the ribbon flowers since they don't really sit right (and they kill my brain a lot) but these three were bespoke orders from a lady on Twitter who asked for ones in green, pink and purple.

I just hope she likes them!!!

but that's not all i've been up to because you see, on Thursday I popped into Ramsey in the afternoon to quickly meet two friends and they had a big bag of crafty goodies for me including a lovely plushie making kit they wanted me to test out

so obviously I did as I was told! It's a gorgeous kit that teaches you how to make 2 lovely little rabbit plushies called Pepe and Sophie

you get all the materials you need to make the rabbits, everything except a needle and stuffing (which I already had on hand . . . unsurprisingly!)

for now i've just made Pepe and I will attempt to make Sophie in a week or two when i'm a little less busy!

it took me about 2 days to make him but he's all finished now so here's you go, meet Pepe

* * *
so what else?

well my new business cards arrived yesterday . . .

I know I KNOW! I seem to spend far too much time (and money) getting new fancy cards printed out but I couldn't resist these little round edges beauties 

+ believe it or not but the first lot I ordered last month are already dwindling a bit, i've still got plenty of the mini cards left but the business cards seem to be vanishing into thin air!

Look looook though! Some new designs

+ lots of new pretty little stickers

I have no immediate plans to get more business cards or anything of that sort but you know me . . . I have some weird obsession with them, apparently!

* * *

in other news . . . as I may have mentioned lately I have a busy busy busy couple of weeks ahead of me

but more importantly . . . check out my new desk!!!!

I finaaaally have a desk in my room, ok so it's actually an old kitchen table but I don't care, as far as i'm concerned it's a super duper desk meaning that I don't have to leave all my arty junk all over my bed

+ it means i have a gorrrgeous view to glance out at every day while i'm working

it also means I won't have to keep sleeping in the spare room due to aforementioned stuff covering MY own bed because now i can just leave it all on the desk

long live the desk!

* * *

there's yet another Bank Holiday tomorrow since it's May Day so i'm heading back to college on Tuesday to beg my tutors to let me spend the next few weeks making things

Good Friday, Easter Monday, the Royal Wedding and May Day = 4 bank holidays in 2 weeks . . . we Brits sure are lucky!!!

ok well i'm off to keep making stuff now

that's all folks xX ◕‿◕ ★