Wednesday 9 November 2011

Books and more Books ★

wow, so i've not been on here for a while... again! and this time i don't even have the excuse of being stuck in a hotel room without internet access!

the truth is... i have been verrry very busy! busy with college work, busy with commissions, busy getting more merch sorted, busy busy busy!

every morning i wake up and think "ooh i'll do a blog today" and then by the time i get home i just want to crawl into bed, or i have commission stuff to work on so i've no time to post on here!

anyway, no matter, i'm here now!

i thought i'd share some shots of what i've been flicking through lately, you all know what a sucker i am for books, well while i was away last week i got hold of 3 gorrrrgeous new Arty books!

first up, i treated myself to this gloriously illustrated copy of 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland'

AIW has always been one of my favourite books and i just couldn't resist this copy illustrated by the incredibly talented Camille Rose Garcia

i've been friends with Camille on Facebook since i was about 16 so i've really grown to adore her intricately beautiful artwork for the past 4 years, i absolutely LOVE the way she's illustrated AIW, it's incredible!

so gothic and very dark for a story that is full of strange goings on and impossible worlds, it's great to see an illustrator really pick up on the often scary and utterly psychedelic themes in the book for once, instead of just sugar coating them

there's something so delicously creepy about the way Camille has illustrated the story, from Alice's spider-leg eyelashes and pointed fingers to the delicate gothic details that swirl around the pages

it's just gorgeous! 

to see more of Camille's work click here - Camille Rose Garcia

and to get your hands on a copy of this truly divine book, click here - Book Shop

then, while i was in Birmingham last week meeting my Aunt, she treated me to 2 fabulous new books as an early Xmas present (seeing as i won't see her again until after xmas, she's let me have them early!!!)

there's the very awesome 'Pens are my Friends' by one of my favourite British artists, the supreme doodle overlord, Jon Burgerman
i have wanted this book for so long it's unreal!!! i absolutely LOVE it though, it's total genius

it also comes with a little mini doodle booklet + a DVD/CD rom chock full of awesome animations and a whole heap of groovy wallpapers and icons!

and would you believe, the book cover itself actually folds out into a big poster! modelled here by Mr Jon Burgerman himself, what a clever doodler he is!

to get your own copy of this marvellously colourful compendium of doodling magic, click here - Burgerplex 

and then the very lovely Auntie M also got me this fabby dabby book of Burlesque Poster Design 'The Art of Tease'

it's another book that i've been after for a while, and it doesn't disappoint! i flicked through it from cover to cover on the train ride home from Birmingham, not sure if the people sat across from me thought it was appropriate train reading material... but oh well!!!

i for one really loved it! interesting to see so many old posters as well as some gorgeous new ones!

to get a copy of the book, go ahead and click here - Korero

* * *

not much else to report on that i can think of, hopefully in a few days i'll be able to share some of the commission stuff i've been working on, i can think of 2 things in particular that i'm sure you'd all enjoy!

so until then, that's all folks... ◕‿◕ ★ xX