Friday 24 December 2010

★ Christmas Eve ★

only one more sleep until the big day!

Christmas has almost arrived at last and it is soooooo exciting!

the gifts are all wrapped...

the decorations have all been put up...

oooooh it's so close i can almost taste the candy canes!

is there anything more exciting than that magical feeling you get on Christmas Eve! 

the thought of all those presents waiting underneath the tree to be opened on Xmas Day

i KNOW it's not all about the presents but come on... it's CHRISTMAS 

so to me that means it's time to get giving and getting...

my older sister Simone has been baking all day (from what i can gather) which means she's been cooking up a batch of undoubtedly delicious and yummy muffins + a big chocolate cake! sadly i won't be getting any because she's in Coventry but wow, jealous much...

and my other older sister Nikki is currently in New Zealand where i'm told it's already Christmas Day and has been for a while! she'll no doubt be lounging in the lovely sunshine and having a great time i'm sure

so a big Merry Christmas to both of my wonderful big sisters, we can't all be together this year but i know they both will have (had have) great days with their families and friends xX

i know that my nieces Madison and Daisy (and my nephew Josh, even if he is the same age as me) will ALL be verrrrry excited about it being Christmas tomorrow!

and i'm sure that my God-daughter Bonnie, her little sister Hanna and their older brother Robson will also all be beside themselves with Christmas excitement! 

there is literally a massive heap of presents beneath their tree so they should be beyond excited...

my little cousin Sienna is in Manchester for Christmas with her Daddy + his family and i know that she will be having a fabulously festive time, so lots of love to her as well x

i'd also like to wish a very merry xmas eve to all of my closest friends here on the island + the ones that are away for Xmas.

i shan't name them all individually but i'm sure they know who they are...

now all that's left for me to do is make some Festive cocoa/hot chocolate

and curl up in front of an appropriately Christmassy movie with a cake... 
or two

i would like to wish a Merry Christmas to ALL of my family and friends, although i can't mention you all on here, that doesn't mean i've forgotten about you x

same to all of my blog followers and readers, have fun whatever you're up to today and tomorrow

oh and don't forget to leave some treats out for Santa and his Reindeer...

i WILL be posting tomorrow (at some point) but until then i would like to wish every single one of you a VERY 

Merry Christmas

wherever you are in the world and whatever you're doing to celebrate, whether it's already Christmas where you are or whether you still have to wait for it (like me) i hope you have a lovely Christmas Day

lots of festive luuuuurve from Jade ◕‿◕ ★ xX

ps - ALL of the beautiful images included in todays post were collected from various sources on tumblr, i've spotted all of these ding the xmas rounds on there over the past few days and thought it would be nice to post them on here for you all to enjoy! Happy Holidays x