Tuesday 1 December 2009

vampires and video games

sooooo i got back from London town about 2 weeks ago (i know i'm terrible at blogging!) it was super duper. anyway, today i stayed at home due to another ruddy cold so i spent the day reading stuff and playing this addictive little 'unblock me' game on my ipod touch, oh and i decided to edit a load of photos to make family/friends/myself etc look like Volturi-esque vampires (i just re-read Breaking Dawn for the umpteenth time) and after watching New Moon the other night i am now totally Team Volturi, i know they're 'evil' but they're just so damn cool! especially Aro, oh heck, i'm Team Aro as well!

anyway... here is a little photo of me... vampire style!
happy December 1st btw, hope you all opened your advent calendars!

Volturi Vampire times!