Thursday 17 February 2011

Awesome Assessment ★

short but sweet post today...

so today it was the dreaded college assessment!

i kind of messed up the last one, mainly because i didn't really know what my project was about, so i was understandably nervous about today's assessment...

i ended up being the first one assessed (which didn't help the nerves) so i was freaking out quite a lot!

however, it went really REALLY well!!! (at least i think it did...)

my tutors seemed to like the work and the 30 minute assessment period ended up lasting well over an hour!

here's a snap of the exhibition for your delight and enjoyment...

as you can see, i kind of cluttered up the boards!

traditionally, we're supposed to space things out as sparsely as possible so as not to cram all the work together

but i thought everything fit together better this way so i did it like this instead

luckily, my tutors agreed that it worked rather well as a cluttered mess!

i had quite a lot of work to exhibit this time as well so i wanted to make sure it all fit together and linked properly etc

it was a very girly exhibition i guess, most of the people walking past in the corridor were guys so i'm not sure they appreciated it quite as much as the girls!

i pinned the lollipops and the dolls to the boards as well (as you can see... obviously) just to liven them up a bit, the two little paintings are finished as well, in fact the cupcake one was finished in time for the exhibition with seconds to spare...

people seemed to like it all though which was after all... the point!

i'm still relieved that it's all over again, at least for a few months...

* * *

in other news...

i'm supposed to be heading off to Coventry for half-term on Sunday with my mum but i'm still not 100% sure if i want to go or not

i have a few commissions that i need to work on/finish asap and i just know i won't get ANY work done if i go away!

it's a shame really since it would have been nice to get away for a bit but this work desperately needs doing and if i stay here, i'll be more likely to get it done!

what to do, what to do...

haven't a clue!

and on that note i'll bid you all adieu

i'm off to watch some 'Family Guy' and enjoy some neapolitan ice cream in celebration of the successful assessment


that's all folks... 

◕‿◕  xX

terima kasih dan sampai jumpa lagi

(that's 'thank you and goodbye' in Malay on behalf of Brunei, i've always wanted to visit Brunei! it looks and sounds like such a fabulous place! hopefully i'll be lucky enough to go there one day ♥)