Sunday 9 August 2009

Summer Holidays

So... it's the summer, hurrah and all that! ok so Summer isn't my fave season (Winter, if you were wondering) but i'm still having a pretty fabulous time. There's been sunshine and rain, good days and bad. I spend basically all of my time indoors, drawing, reading, watching old movies or... watching my new obsessions... 'True Blood' and 'Moonlight' yes, i've become a little (tiny bit) obsessed with them! they are my two new favourite shows, and yes they both involve Vampires. it's also true that i do spend an indecent amount of time sat watching episodes on my laptop when i could be drawing, but i have actually been drawing lots as well thank you very much! here's a screenshot from my album on

just a few of my more recent pix :-) 
Then again i have also been very, very bad! in the sense that i have failed to do any work this summer for College! and trust me, i was given a whole heap to be getting on with. But every time i sit down to do some logbook work, there are just so many other things that seem more important for me to be doing... like watching True Blood! lots o' luv :-D x