Sunday 13 May 2012

May Drawing Challenge - Day 13

the theme for today was 'a flower' since apparently it's mother's day in some countries around the world today. it's not here though, the UK celebrates mothers day in late March. but anyway the theme was set so i doodled this...

my favourite flowers are actually red gerbera daisies but i decided to do a sunflower for today because i was reminiscing about travelling down through southern France on the way to Andorra.

you see, every summer we drive down there and pass hundreds of massive fields full of beautiful sunflowers as we go through the Catalan area that stretches from southern France, through Andorra and into northern Spain.

and well, today was the Spanish Formula 1 Grand Prix at the Circuit de Cataluñya just outside Barcelona (regular readers will be well aware of my eternal and inexplicable love of Formula 1 racing!) so i thought a bright sunflower doodle seemed quite appt :)

and i guess that until tomorrow, that's all folks... xX