Sunday 20 November 2011

Poodles and Pugs ★

so once again i've been uber busy this week working on college stuff (for once...) + various commission bits and bobs! i've also been gathering and preparing prints for a little exhibition, but i'll tell you more about that in a few days...

in the mean time i thought i'd share some new little pieces i've been working on for college!

i have a picture of a pug dog on my desk board at college (amongst various other pics and doodles) and the other day, during a tutorial, my tutor Billee suggested i have a go at drawing some poodles since she used to have some as pets. 

i never really draw animals unless it's for a story or a commission so i figured i should at least have a go!  this was the result...

i'm still not sure how to finish them off but it was fun to have a go at something a bit different

i've also been doodling stuff to do with 'the Cupcake Princess' lately as well and drawing these poodles gave me another little idea...

all Princesses need pets right?! here's the Candy Floss Princess and her faithful pink poodle 'Sugarplum' 

and of course, the Cupcake Princess herself + her trusty little pug 'Muffin' since after all, i do have a lil' pic of a pug on my college desk board!

yeah ok, so i'm still not great at drawing dogs but hey, these were fun to do + colour.

 as you can see i have a thing for candy-bag stripes at the moment as well... 

i guess i should have a go at a little pet for the 'Popcorn Prince' but i couldn't really think of one... 
any ideas?!

* * *

in other news... er, i can't really think of any actually! i've been so busy sorting stuff for college and commissions that i haven't really been up to much else!

hopefully this week i'll get out and about a bit more + i have a super duper Creative Café post to run soon so be sure to look out for that!

so until next time, i guess that's all folks ◕‿◕ ★ xX