Tuesday 12 July 2011

T-shirt Feature + other stuff ★

so... i'm all alone at Chateau Boylan keeping myself occupied by watching near endless 80's/90's movie marathons, reading stacks of magazines and books + drinking a hell of a lot of tea

my parents have gone away for 2 weeks so i'm looking after the house/plants/birds/fish

i've also spent most of the past few days on 'Google +' sorting out my links and circles, if you have a G+ account be sure to add me on there - Jade on Google +

oh and if you DO have a G+ account don't forget to hit the +1 button at the bottom of the post

anyway, i remember last Saturday or Sunday or whenever it was that i said i'd show you my new Princess design

well as you can see, she's based on the big sister of the little Cupcake Princess and is as girly and as pink as ever!!!

but i also did a variation, this one is a little on the dark side though! 

who knows, maybe they're sisters and one's Kawaii and girly while the other is all Gothic lolita!

I have been listening to the 'Wicked' soundtrack a lot lately though so i'm guessing that i've maybe been a little inspired by Glinda and Elphaba!!!

but today i spent most of the afternoon on Society 6 putting things in my shop on there, but the groovy thing about it is that as well as prints and stretched canvases, you can also upload your designs to be sold on iPhone and iPod cases/skins, macbook/laptop/iPad skins and t-shirts/hoodies

check out my stuff on some of these bits and bobs... 

funky stuff right! hhhm, kind of makes me wish i had an iPhone JUST so i could get one of my designs on a case/skin (sad but true!)

* * *

in other news, today my work was featured on the super duper Tee Gazette site!!!

the lovely Jared over at Tee Gazette and Design Juices asked me last week if i'd be up for a feature on the site for my tee designs from red bubble and all tropical

so of course i said YES!!!

it's a nice feature and i was very chuffed to be asked to take part in it :)

you can see my red bubble shop here - Red Bubble

anyway to read the full feature + see all the tee designs you can check it out here - Artist Spotlight: Jade Boylan

oh and if by chance you have an 'All Tropical' account, could you be a star and vote for my pinwheels design on there??? - RATE RATE RATE

* * *

not much else to report for today, i'm hoping to actually leave the house tomorrow, providing my friend Jenny can come and pick me up!

anyway, until next time, that's all folks... ★ ◕‿◕ xX